Learn German in Germany for international students

Many students have taken language courses at home before traveling to Germany, which saves time for regular studying. However, if you couldn’t take a course at home, you can still learn German in Germany.

Study German in Germany

Your level of proficiency in the German language will determine how well you do at university as an international student. In other words, when you attend lectures and participate in discussions, you’ll be required to know what is being said and how to respond and express your opinions freely. Therefore, as an international student, you’ll need a high level of German language proficient.

Best reasons to learn German

There are many ways to learn a foreign language. However, learning the German language can be difficult for someone with no previous knowledge. Therefore, language courses are a fast yet effective way of developing your German language skills to fit the university requirements.

Moreover, as an international student, going through your everyday life in Germany without knowing at least the basics of the language may be challenging. You will come up against many barriers, especially for communication and socializing. Yet, if you commit yourself to improve your skills in the German language, your effort will be much appreciated by the locals. 

Choosing the right German language course in Germany

We advise that you don’t rush into choosing your course, as there are many options available. To find the right course for you, you should specify your needs and the type of courses you’re looking for. For example, you may want to attend a course where you can schedule your classes according to your preferences. Additionally, you may want private lessons rather than a group course.

In Germany, language schools have provided infinite options for students. You can simply study an entire course online if you wanted to and at any time. However, we advise that you check whether the fees suit your budget. Considering the features that are offered, the fees will normally be higher.

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German language schools in Germany

Finding a school where you can learn to speak German in Germany is very easy, as you can find a good language school or institute anywhere in the country. And you may even have the choice between several institutions if you live in big German cities. 

For example, in Berlin, you will find a lot of language schools you can choose from. Being the cheapest capital in Western Europe, you won’t have any difficulty finding quality courses at competitive prices in Berlin. You can check well-known places such as BWS Germanlingua or GLS Campus Berlin. 

In Munich, which is the other hot spot for education in Germany, you can check the Goethe University Munich (you can also find a branch of the same institution in Frankfurt). There is also the European Study Center (ESC) in Heidelberg, where you can take intensive German language courses for 20 to 25 hours a week. As a bonus, you’ll study in one of the most beautiful cities in Germany!

Moreover, you can check with your university to find if they offer language programs, or even preparatory courses you can take before the start of your studies. And the last option is to enroll in summer German language programs, one like DAAD, the German Academic Exchange Service, offers. 

To sum up, you will find a school where you can study German everywhere in Germany. You just need to pick the institution and program that fit your timetable, set your goals and commit to attain them while you are in Germany.

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Application form

Now that you have found the right course for you, it is time to fill out an application form. Normally, you can apply online by filling an application form on the school website. Additionally, the form will require personal information as well as your preferred course type and whether you would be willing to attend.

You can list your preferences for the following:

  • The location of the course.
  • Type of course (group or individual)
  • Class schedule
  • Level of proficiency (In cases where your university demands a certain level of language, you need to choose a course that will get you to that level)

How much does it cost to learn German in Germany?

The fees will depend on the course. For example, if you choose to attend your German language courses in the university language center, you won’t have to pay any fees. On the other hand, private language schools in Germany will have different fees.

The fees will depend on your instructor, type of course and personal preferences that you may have set. Obviously, any extra preferences or features you may require may come with a higher cost. For instance, if you need a private instructor to work with you whenever you’re free, you’ll surely have to pay higher fees.

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How long does it take to learn German in Germany?

German language courses will normally last for 4-8 weeks. However, the time it will take will largely depend on your instructor and the level of language you need to reach. Of course, if you already have basic knowledge of German and learn fast, then you can finish before the usual scheduled time.

Learning German while you’re in Germany will give you an opportunity to make friends and learn at the same time. In fact, you’ll make new friends and have many unforgettable experiences.

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