How to Get a Student Accommodation in Malaysia

One of the most important arrangements to study abroad is finding suitable accommodation. Aside from obtaining a study visa, you have to make sure you get accommodation that suits you. You can get a suitable student accommodation in Malaysia easily, as it has many options and lower living costs when compared to other countries.

1 Malaysian Ringgit equals USD 0.24.

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Types of Student Accommodation in Malaysia


Many higher education institutions in Malaysia offer on-campus accommodation for international students.

The university campus in Malaysia varies from other countries, such as the USA and UK.

In Malaysia, staying in a university campus could be in the form of residence halls or student hostel. Each has different facilities and rental costs.

Moreover, all universities that welcome international students have an international admission office.

It offers help to students in order to find accommodation and settle down in the country.

So, do not hesitate to ask for help from these offices in Malaysia.

Residence Halls

Residence halls are very common among students. This is due to their location near the university or the educational institute.

Also, it is located near all the stores and necessary facilities. Some residential buildings are only a few minutes far from the university.

Students who prefer this type of accommodation in Malaysia will have to search well to find a suitable option before arriving in Malaysia.

So, it is better to start searching once you receive your offer from the university.

You will need to apply for a place in a residence hall and submit your request directly to the host, according to the set deadline.

Students should follow up and confirm these details on the host’s website.

Student Hostels

Among the available accommodation options in Malaysia are the student hostels.

Living in a student hostel is like staying in a shared or the dorms, where students share rooms and facilities.

The cost of this type of accommodation ranges between MYR 90 and 222 per week.

To get a place, you have to contact your host and inquire about all the available options.

Rooms are divided into furnished blocks, equipped with Wi-Fi, a bathroom and toilet on the public floor, and a communal living area.

Each block has 24-hour security guards on duty.


It is common as an available accommodation option in Malaysia that local and international students live in off-campus accommodation during the study period.

These residences are located within a short distance of the university or educational institution.

This accommodation could be in the form of houses, apartments, or studio flats.

Normally, they consist of three or four bedrooms, a living room, and other shared facilities.

As in the on-campus housing, students will need to apply for off-campus housing directly through their host university. 

Condominiums or Studio Flats

The private apartments are expensive in Malaysia, compared to other accommodation options.

But this type of accommodation has its benefits, such as independence.

This housing option could be in the form of renting a room and sharing the bathroom and kitchen with other tenants.

It could also be in the form of renting a studio flat alone, which is somehow an expensive option.

Extra tips on student accommodation in Malaysia

While looking for a place to live in Malaysia, you may want to stay where there is a good public transport links. This will make your commute more convenient between home and university. One advice you can use is to check out the public transportation map and from there choose a location that has good transport connectivity.

Moreover, Malaysia is a tropical country with a temperate climate. You might want to check if the rental costs of the accommodation you choose, include or not air-conditioning. Of course, make sure to actually get housing with air-conditioning and not a small desk fan.

Lastly, don’t shy away from getting into contact with student ambassadors or those who have lived there before you. This will allow you to weigh down your options and wisely manage your student budget. If you choose to stay in a student hostel, you can also check other people’s reviews in travel sites and forums search engines to make sure it matches your expectations.

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