Study in the UK with a Chevening scholarship


Have you ever thought about traveling to Britain to complete your undergraduate studies, and proceed with your career at the UK’s top international universities? Have you ever thought about taking a scholarship in the UK to help you pay for tuition and accommodation? All this is now possible by immigrating to the …

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Study English in UK for international students


To study English in the UK is one of the most important elements to adapt to the customs and traditions of British society. Being one of the most lively and vibrant communities, the UK has made it the perfect place to learn English. Not only for students who dream of …

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How to get Student Accommodation in UK


In this article, we will cover all the information needed to find suitable student accommodation in UK for international students. Generally, housing for students in UK are divided into 4 main categories: University housing.Boarding school accommodation (for those under 18).Private accommodation (renting an apartment or similar).Accommodation with a British family. The …

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Apply to UK universities for international students

University application form

No matter which country you are from, the UK welcomes students from all over the world. To apply to UK universities requires you to prepare well for the application requirements to ensure your acceptance. Most universities in the UK have similar requirements. There are general requirements that you find in most …

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How can I study pharmacology in USA?

Medicine Studies in USA

Previously, we have learned about studying medicine in USA. Additionally, we will discuss in this article about how to study pharmacology in the USA. How many years does it take to study pharmacology in the USA? The Ph.D. program in Pharmacology in USA (Pharm D), requires at least two years of …

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Private universities and schools in USA


Many of the top-rated universities in the USA are private universities. This includes Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, or Yale University. Conversely, student tuition fees primarily finance these universities, which are usually more expensive than those in public universities. Here’s an overview of what you need to …

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