How to get Student Accommodation in UK

In this article, we will cover all the information needed to find suitable student accommodation in UK for international students.

Generally, housing for students in UK are divided into 4 main categories:

  1. University housing.
  2. Boarding school accommodation (for those under 18).
  3. Private accommodation (renting an apartment or similar).
  4. Accommodation with a British family.

The right questions to ask before choosing your student accommodation in UK

Firstly, there are important questions to ask your university dorms responsible, accommodation officer or a classmate to help you choose the right accommodation for you in the UK:

  • How close is housing to the university?
  • How safe is it?
  • Are there good transportation?
  • Is it possible to share accommodation with other students?
  • Is housing relatively quiet and helps to study and sleep?
  • What is the cost of accommodation?

University accommodation in the UK

  • You have your own bedroom without sharing, but share other rooms such as the kitchen and toilet with other students.
  • Your bedroom is usually equipped with a bed, a desk and bookshelves.
  • There is a large main room for student meetings; for some activities and watching TV. The library is attached to the residence and there is also a room dedicated to prayers and is intended for use from different religions.
  • Moreover, there is a residential assistant inside the university housing. His role is to support in providing a safe, efficient and quality accommodation environment; He will help and advise you during your stay.
  • Most universities in the UK offer students housing only in their first year of study. After that, there may be a possibility to extend your stay at the University for the duration of your studies. If this is not available, you should seek private housing after your first year of study.
  • The University will help you choose private accommodation and nominate certain suitable places.
  • Undoubtedly, university housing is a good opportunity to build friendships with your classmates, and it is a good opportunity to save some money as well.

You can contact any university in Britain on the topic of accommodation through its official website. For example, you can have information and apply for university accommodation at the University of  Bristol website.

Boarding schools

  • Available for students under the age of 18
  • The accommodation is in a large house, and you are provided with meals and other services. You can find out more at the following link provided by the UK Ministry of Education

Private housing

  • Many students live in rented rooms and apartments; which is the option they have, after the end of their first academic year.
  • When you think of private accommodation, it is better to share it with other students. In order to reduce the high cost of rent. You should know the costs of studying and living in Britain before deciding on the accommodation you can afford.
  • As mentioned earlier, the university helps you to choose and nominate private accommodation suitable for you.

Accommodation with a British family

  • It is a great opportunity to get involved with the British society and get to know it quickly.
  • Being in a family environment help you to reduce your homesickness.
  • Provides proper and quiet space to study and sleep.
  • You can ask for more details from your housing assistant.

How much is accommodation for students in the UK?

When it comes to the cost of student accommodation in the UK, rent is among the highest expense students have to pay. This means you may need to plan, depending on your lifestyle, to put aside a large portion of your total budget for housing cost. The average amount students pay for housing in the UK is around £150 per week, which can go up to £650 per month. 

It goes without saying that London is the most expensive city in terms of student accommodation. According to Unipol and the National Union for Students in a 2021 survey, average student accommodation stands at £7,374 per year. And in London, this number is as high as £9,488 per year. 

Moreover, the rent for a single room on-campus amount around £514 to £765 per month. A room off-campus, on the other hand, can cost between £557 and £716 per month. If you share a house with other students, you should expect to pay between £520 and £710 per month without the utility bills. 

Utility costs

Some university residence include the utility costs in their rent, along with internet and home insurance in some cases. But to be sure to budget wisely, here are some of the expenses that you may need to set apart in your student accommodation costs in the UK: 

  • Heating, electricity and water 
  • Contents insurance 
  • Internet 
  • Laundry

For more tips and information on how to save money, where to find your country food and restaurants, transportation, health, shopping, prices, and how to take advantage of discounts in Britain…, check this article on How to prepare for living as a student in UK.

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