Study English in UK for international students

To study English in the UK is one of the most important elements to adapt to the customs and traditions of British society. Being one of the most lively and vibrant communities, the UK has made it the perfect place to learn English. Not only for students who dream of studying in UK, but also for foreigners who want to improve their language skills; in the shortest time. For professional, personal, or even exploratory reasons, the country has a rich cultural heritage.

This article is a detailed guide, in which we have listed the best ways to study English in the UK.

English Language Centers in the UK

High-quality English education in UK is available for foreigners, due to the number of centers there which offers from intense week-long courses to programs that last a year and suit a full-time job.

It’s important to choose a center fully accredited by the British Council. As this means that the center has a high education level, and meets the necessary standards set by the Council. Also, regular inspections are conducted for the recognized centers to safeguard the students’ interest and help them enjoy a good learning experience.

The cost of studying in the UK can be quite high. Therefore, there are many websites offering competitive pricing for all English study centers. This enables you to choose the least expensive and closest to your place of residence. Language international is one of the most popular and best rated.

English courses in UK

The types of courses offered is one of the important things to know before choosing any English language center in UK. Then choose which one is appropriate for your needs, whether you want to study English for academic skills, or professional purposes. Here are the types of available courses:

General / Intensive English courses in UK

The dialect is one of the difficulties faced by international students in the UK. Students and foreigners who do not rely on socializing to learn the language, have these courses specifically designed for them. It helps them study English without having to constantly engage in social activities in the UK. Its classes accommodate all elements of the English language, which are based on four elements: Speaking, listening, reading and writing. This is because they tend to focus on English for everyday use.

The Intensive English course in England offers relatively larger hours of study than a general course. They are in a better position to improve language skills in less time and are designed to give the fluency and confidence needed to engage in British society.

English courses in UK for academic purposes

The English language courses in Britain for academic purposes (known as EAP); are designed to prepare students for university studies from a linguistic and cultural perspective. It seeks to improve the student’s language skills. Focusing on a pure academic language level, and on everything that the student may need to achieve good grades. This includes improving skills related to writing, note-taking, editing presentations, and reading and writing academic essays.

In this case, advanced English language classes in UK, is more suited for students who wish to have a master’s degree. In this case, the language level is more sophisticated and specialized.

English courses in UK for professional purposes

These courses may also be useful for students who are fluent in English and who study a Business or Economics discipline in the UK. These classes do not focus specifically on how to study English in the UK. They rather teach the common language in the business environment. Therefore, focus on more than language skills. It seeks to develop technical language, negotiation skills, presentation skills, improve interview techniques and management capabilities.

Accordingly, the decision to study English in Britain can be crucial. Whether in preparing for life as a student in the UK, improving your English skills as a language enthusiast, or aspiring for a wider professional level.

Do not forget that if English language centers in the UK are not suitable for you, you can always hire a private tutor. You can find one from any dedicated website. It helps you to identify your weaknesses and enables you to plan your lesson schedule to fit your free time. In addition to a range of websites and applications that save you the effort of commuting, which offers its lessons, both paid and for free.

How much does it cost to study English in the UK?

If you plan to go to the UK to study English, expect to spend around £555 per week. This cost includes daily English courses, accommodation and a meal plan. On the other hand, if you want to take an intensive course, a IELTS preparation course or study business English, the cost falls between £600 and £640 per week. Moreover, if you want to save money and get discounts, you can enroll in a course during off-peak seasons. This means, avoid enrolling in summer when the cost is the most expensive. Also, taking English courses in less expensive cities are more strategic than studying in cities like London, Oxford or Cambridge, to name a few.

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