5 Difficulties facing International students in UK and how to overcome them

Being an international student is important and studying in one of the most important countries in the world in terms of quality of education is becoming more important.

Indeed Studying in UK is a unique opportunity for international students to access the most prestigious universities in the world. But this will not be without difficulties and problems, especially at the beginning of the academic path. In this article, we will try to compile all the challenges that students face in UK and propose solutions to overcome them.


One of the main challenges you may face, especially at the beginning is the homesickness. It requires you to move away from your home country; and go to a country that is totally different from where you came from. The student feels nostalgic for his country, his family, and friends. But now with today’s means of communication, it is less hard than it was before.

The culture

Actually, you will find yourself in a different society and culture. People behave differently with different lifestyles. Food is not like what you had back home.

To overcome the problem of cultural differences, try to blend in with British society. Learn about their customs, discover their traditions and the principles of living there. Try to introduce them to the culture of your country and make new friends. Especially if your friends are from the UK, this will help you to overcome the problem of change in culture. For more information on British culture, see the article on British Customs and habits.

The language

Even students who have obtained a certificate of English proficiency may face the challenge of the language barrier. English being the second language in most international countries, the student will discover that there is a clear difference in the language spoken in UK.

This is mainly due to the difference in culture from region to region and is also diverse in tone, accent, and way of speaking.

Learn how to prepare yourself for living in UK as international student.

Universities in the UK have special services to improve English. So be prepared to enroll in these courses offered by the University which will definitely contribute to improve your English. Also, do not forget to make friendships with native speakers, and communicate with them on a daily basis which will help you improve the language.


Perhaps the biggest problem you may face is to have enough financial resources to pay for tuition, housing, transport and other living requirements in UK. Living in Britain is expensive, especially in big cities such as London, Manchester, and Edinburgh which have the most reputable universities in the world.

If you have already received a scholarship to study in the UK, this is not a problem for you.


Finding suitable housing in UK is not easy. Especially in the cities where the most popular universities are located. And also the concentration of the majority of the population within them; Which makes access to student accommodation somewhat tedious as well as costly.

To overcome this issue we have compiled for you many ideas and tips in the article ” How to get Students Accommodation in UK

Almost all universities in UK provide counseling services given by professionals in the field of advice and guidance. The purpose of which is to encourage students to overcome their problems and challenges during the period of university study. Encouraging and communicating with someone inside the university is important for students.

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