The ultimate guide to immigration and studies in Denmark

Navigating PhD Study in Denmark: A Comprehensive Guide

PhD in Denmark

Your quest for knowledge and academic excellence can take you to pursuing a Ph.D. in Denmark. The academic landscape of this Scandinavian gem offers an environment that is both enriching and comforting for aspiring scholars. However, the path to realizing this dream comes with questions and uncertainties. The pain point? …

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The Higher Education System in Denmark

the higher education system in denmark

Denmark has one of the most powerful higher education systems in Europe and the world. Education is the key aspect of economic, ideological and social development in the country. Want to pursue your higher education studies in Denmark? We’ll give you all the information you need on types of higher …

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Best Universities for Bachelor’s studies in Denmark


Whether you study science, economy or any other specialty, you will receive a Bachelors degree upon completing your studies. Furthermore, we will discuss all you need to know about studying your Bachelors in Denmark and the top specialties offered at Danish universities in English. Read our article on studying in …

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Study Masters in the 5 Best Universities in Denmark

study masters in denmark

There are many universities that allow you to study Masters in Denmark in English. Moreover, there are over 400 programs in various specialties from which you can choose. We’ve previously discussed how to apply to universities in Denmark, and the process is more or less the same for masters study. …

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Work While Studying in Denmark

work while studying in denmark

Previously, we discussed many topics about studying in Denmark. We’ve also talked about the cost of studying and living in Denmark, which is considerably high. For that reasons, international students are often questioning whether they can work while studying in Denmark. Students often want to work while studying in order …

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Adjusting to Culture and Traditions in Denmark

adjusting to culture and tradition in denmark

Due to the comfortable lifestyle in Denmark, the country is one of the happiest based on recent statistics. This is among many reasons why you should study in Denmark. Additionally, you’ll be studying in a secure and peaceful environment with everything you want at arm’s reach. All the previously mentioned …

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How to Get Student Accommodation in Denmark

how to get student accommodation in denmark

There is no on-campus student accommodation at universities in Denmark for international students. Therefore, you have to find the ideal student accommodation to suit your lifestyle. It’s not hard to find a place close to campus. However, if you can’t find one, public transport is always readily available. Furthermore, it …

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