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Previously, we discussed many topics about studying in Denmark. We’ve also talked about the cost of studying and living in Denmark, which is considerably high. For that reasons, international students are often questioning whether they can work while studying in Denmark.

Students often want to work while studying in order to cover the cost of living and studying in Denmark more efficiently.

All international students can work part-time in Denmark while studying. However, it is not as easy as it seems. Especially for students who do not speak Danish. Nevertheless, it is not impossible for you to work in Denmark while studying.

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Can international students work in Denmark?

As an international student, you’re allowed a limited amount of work hours. In fact, you cannot exceed 20 working hours per week. That being said, you can still work full time from June to August.

That being said, to work in Denmark, you need to have a permit that states your right to work while studying. You can apply for this permit while applying for your residence visa in Denmark.

If you’re under 18 years old, you need to get a work permit in addition to a contract stating that you are permitted to work in Denmark. Your employer must confirm their agreement to hire you as a minor.

You must be aware, if you exceed your allowed number of working hours per week, immigration may withdraw your residence visa or refuse to renew it. If your employer agrees to let you work for over 20 hours, they risk severe penalties.

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Income tax

If you work in Denmark while studying, you need to pay income tax. In fact, as soon as you get paid to work in Denmark, you are obligated to pay Danish tax. You’re taxed in Denmark based on your annual income.

Once you receive your income, you need to apply for a Danish tax card. You can apply for the card through your local tax office. The tax card is an official document that states the amount of tax due. Once you have your registration number in Denmark, you can request a tax card from your local tax office.

Student Jobs in Denmark

Some students tend to work at hotels, cafés, and restaurants. On the other hand, some students also work in newspaper distribution or telemarketing. Others tend to invest their language skills in jobs that require communication. In some cases, you may be lucky enough to get a job that is relevant to your field of study.

As we mentioned earlier, it’s not easy to get a job in Denmark as an international student. Especially since you don’t speak the language. That being said, you can take free Danish language courses to enhance your language skills. This may increase your chances of getting a job to cover the cost of living in Denmark.

The average student pay in Denmark is €10-€12 an hour. However, if you have a scholarship, you won’t have any problem covering the cost of living and studying in Denmark.

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Why should you work and study in Denmark as an international student?

It’s very common in Denmark for students to work or get an internship and study at the same time. And even if you should keep your focus on your education, there are many good reasons to work while studying in Denmark as an international student.

Firstly, a job will naturally enhance your CV and expose yourself to the Danish work culture and language. Even before you graduate and set foot in the labor market, you will expand your professional and social network in Denmark. And employers in the country will pay more attention to your profile if you have a Danish work experience prior to finding a job in Denmark.

Moreover, this will also help you get a job a lot quicker after graduation. And internships, paid or unpaid, are a good way to earn ECTS points for some study programs in Denmark. And last but not least, any newly graduate setting foot in the job market knows that you’ll develop more life skills in the workplace than in the university’s lecture hall!

Where to look for part-time jobs for international students in Denmark? 

After graduating from a university in Denmark, you can still work in the country by renewing your residency visa for six months. Furthermore, this allows you to work in Denmark.

Additionally, there are many ways of finding a job in Denmark. Among which is a website for those looking for work in Denmark. All you need to do is register and upload your CV on the website. When you’re invited for an interview, remember that you need to act and speak in a respectful and polite manner, be knowledgeable, dress appropriately and show up early.

Moreover, most universities have job listings you can check. So, don’t rule out contact your student union or consult your university’s billboard to find out any available job opportunity.

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  1. I really get interested to Work and study in Denmark, and I am ready to learn danish language as soon as possible as I arrive in that county Denmark , is beautiful country and is a country offer and allow foreign people to work and sty there. I just love it.

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