Best Universities for Bachelor’s studies in Denmark

Whether you study science, economy or any other specialty, you will receive a Bachelors degree upon completing your studies. Furthermore, we will discuss all you need to know about studying your Bachelors in Denmark and the top specialties offered at Danish universities in English.

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Requirements for Bachelors degree in Denmark

  1. A minimum of a high school diploma, which is equivalent to that in Denmark.
  2. Proof of English language proficiency: IELTS or TOEFL.
  3. There are specific requirements that differ according to university and chosen specialty.

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How to apply

  1. The deadline for applying to all universities in Denmark is mid-March.
  2. To reserve your place as a Bachelors student, you need to register on this website. Once you’ve filled in the application form, you will reach the signature page.
  3. Print the completed form and sign it. You can then send it by e-mail to the university of your choice before March 15. You can find the e-mail addresses of these institutions here.
  4. The application process will only be complete when it reaches the application acceptance office at the university that you’re registered in.

There are many specialties in higher education in Denmark.

Can I study Bachelor in Denmark in English?

The answer is yes, however bachelors programs are fewer than master’s programs in English in Denmark. Universities in Denmark offer around 70 undergraduate courses in English versus 390 masters programs. You can either add credit to your current degree or study for a full degree.

Copenhagen Business School

The Department of Economics at Copenhagen University offers international students the opportunity to study a number of 8 Bachelors specialties in Denmark in English. Moreover, the programs take 3 years to complete and cost €4750 a year. Here are some available specialties:

Bachelors in Business Administration and social sciences

Firstly, this specialty combines economics and social science. This combination allows you to understand the economic and social process of organizing and managing relations among members of the community.

Bachelors in Business, language and culture

Secondly, this program aims to understand the relationship between the three fields. Additionally, it also examines the differences in their relation to the world of business and finance.

International business

Thirdly, this program aims to form a comprehensive understanding of economy, management, and planning as well as their role in developing the field of economics.

International Shipping and Trade

Fourthly, you’ll get the chance to learn all aspects of trade and understanding its relationship with other fields such as shipping, exportation, and importation.

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The Danish School of Media and Journalism

Additionally, this establishment grants you the opportunity to study European studies in English for a year. Furthermore, if you want to study in this specialty, you will need a minimum of 2 years training in journalism.

University of Aalborg

This university offers 2 Bachelors degree specialties in English:

Bachelors in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

This 3-year program allows you to learn about the development of processes and products necessary for a more sustainable existence on earth.

Bachelors in Applied Industrial Electronics

As a second specialty option, you have a program that provides you with the skills to work as an electronics engineer.

University College Absalon

This college provides two programs to study Bachelors in Denmark in English:

Bachelors in engineering and biochemistry

Firstly, you can study this specialty for over 3 and a half years for roughly €7000 a year. This program is a combination of biology, chemistry and engineering sciences.

International Bachelors degree in education

Finally, you can study this specialty over the course of 4 years. The tuition fees are approximately €6000 a year.

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Bachelor programs at the University of Copenhagen

The University of Copenhagen does not offer full bachelor’s degree programs in English. However, they offer several individual courses in English every semester at a bachelor’s level or a master’s level. And when it comes to postgraduate studies, the university offers a wide range of programs you can check in our articles: 

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University of Southern Denmark bachelors programs in English

One of the top institutions of higher education in Denmark, offering an extensive number of bachelors programs in English, is SDU. And programs are as various as Humanities study, business and social sciences to various branches of Engineering. 

Bachelor degree in International Business Administration and Foreign Languages

This program combines business economics and languages in an international academic setting. Students get training to acquire business skills that will serve in companies with international activities. 

Bachelor in Economics and Social Sciences

Students have the choice between 3 programs, namely – Global Business Relationships in Economics and Business Administration, European studies and Marketing and Management anthropology. 

Bachelor in Engineering

For the Engineering specialty, students can choose between programs in: 

  • Electronics
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Mechatronics
  • Product development and innovation.

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