How to Get Student Accommodation in Slovenia

Finding the perfect student accommodation is not an easy task, especially if you were searching in a foreign country. Here you are some information and advice about how to get student accommodation in Slovenia.

University Dormitory or Rent an Apartment in Slovenia?

As a foreign student, you have two options when it comes to getting accommodation in Slovenia, either the university dormitory or a private room in a shared student apartment or even an entire apartment.

The university dormitory is of lower cost. It is the place where you can benefit from the student life. But there are limited places for the foreign students in the university dormitory. Slovenian universities provide student dormitories to scholarship holders on a short-term 3 to 9 months exchange, for international students who are scholarship holders and for those who come to Slovenia within the ERASMUS+ exchange program. Private international students can’t stay in university dormitories in Slovenia, except in Maribor. 

The more common type of placement is a room for 1 or 2 people. Most of the time, all residents on the floor or residents on a block of rooms, share the toilet and bathroom. Each room has also a mini-kitchen, but there is a main kitchen shared by all students, providing a great way to socialize among students. 

This on-campus student accommodation will cost between €100 and €250 per month. Make sure to check with your institution to find out if they provide housing or not for international students.

Best Time to Search for a Student Accommodation in Slovenia

The earlier you started to search for a rented apartment, the more your chance increased to find a suitable student accommodation. If you were one of the exchange program students, you can ask your mentor to help you find a room in the university campus.

If the student is going to stay in Slovenia for a long time, it is better to start searching in June, when Erasmus and other exchange program students leave Slovenia.

The period between December and January is the best time to search for an apartment for the second semester. March and April are the best to find accommodation for the summer season.

If you were not lucky and missed this period, you can always find a low-cost hotel and stay with a daily rent.

Getting Help to find student housing in Slovenia

Searching for an apartment is hard. If you were a student at the University of Ljubljana, you can ask in the international office of the student organization (SOU) if it offers help for international students regarding accommodation.

You can also contact one of your teaching staff members at your university if you have some questions. Another option is also to seek the help of the Student Service. 

Moreover, you can find some of the Slovenian colleagues on Facebook and ask for help.

Last but not least, you can visit websites such as: 

Of course, there are much more websites you can check.

Make Sure Before Renting

It is very easy to rent a place if you have seen it yourself. Do not depend on the pictures, as they sometimes could be so deceiving.

If you have a chance, it is better to go to the place weeks before the start of your program to meet the owners personally and choose your accommodation directly.

There is another option which is to stay temporarily in a motel for a week and start searching for a suitable apartment during this time. If you have some friends in Ljubljana, you can stay with them for a few days or send them to check the apartment for you.

Rental Price

Prices vary according to the location of the room. As for the single rooms in Ljubljana, prices usually range between 200 and 350 Euros. Double rooms cost from 100 to 250 Euros, including utilities.

Put in mind that mostly you will pay monthly expenses, additional to the rent, such as water and electricity. You may also be required to pay a deposit or the rent of some months in advance. If you want to live next to the center of the city, expect to pay a higher rent.

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Be Careful and Ask

Make sure that your apartment contains all that you need. Do not sign a lease except after you understand everything.

If the contract was in the Slovenian language, ask some of your colleagues to translate it for you.

It is probable that you will have to pay a one- or two-month deposit upon signing the contract, which will be refunded at the end of the contract’s duration. It is advisable to ask for help from your mentor to avoid any kind of deception, such as an expensive rent or any other unexpected things.

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