Working and Studying in Slovenia

Slovenia is a country which lies in the heart of Europe, making it an interesting study destination for international students. Not only it is relatively affordable but also younger population in the country speaks English. Moreover, Slovenia is one of the few European countries where international students can be officially employed. They can do it through an instrument called “Student Work”. So if you’re looking to work and study at the same time in Slovenia, here are some valuable info you can check.

Can a Student Combine Work and Study in Slovenia?

Slovenia is one of the few European countries that employ foreign students officially.

It is possible to combine working and studying in Slovenia thanks to the Student Services (Študentski servis) organization that is operating as a labor exchange and taxes agency.

Indeed, it is responsible for issuing “job referrals”, issuing invoices for job owners, conducting payments, etc. The whole students’ work experience and their salaries, which are often per hour instead of the monthly payment, are passing through this service.

This is the only way for the foreign students to find a job in Slovenia. It’s also the way to not lose the student status and all the related benefits. Since most of the universities and faculties have their own career centers (karierni centri), it is logical to apply there for help.

How to Find a Student Part-time Job in Slovenia?

To apply to the SS agency system to find work, students in Slovenia need to provide:

  • Their ID
  • A Slovenian bank account
  • A Slovenian tax number
  • Their certificate of enrollment in a university
  • A proof of residency. 

After the student’s registration, the agency provide them with a referral form they should give to their employer.

Despite the fact that the daily student service updates the vacant jobs list, students shall not depend only on these sources and the career centers. They can actually find any employer in Slovenia.

After that, all you have to do is registering yourself in the Student Service as a working student.

The Student Service will also deal with all the other issues that are related to the tax liabilities of the employer and applicant and will solve any other possible issues.

Is it Easy to Find a Student Job in Slovenia?

No, it is not. The truth is, when choosing a candidate, the preference is given to the Slovens in the first place. Then it goes to the European Union citizens, and after that to the rest. Of course, you should have excellent knowledge in the Slovenian language or English (at the beginning).

Mostly, there is a privilege for those who are already living in Slovenia permanently. In this case, the employer will not have to deal with the required documents for the applicant to obtain a work permit.

Candidates who master the Slovenian and/or English languages are given preference. Having a good knowledge of the Italian or German languages is a plus too.

Of course, the availability of a Slovenian or any other European university’s degree increases the chance of the applicant to get the job in Slovenia or any other European country.

Employers may also require about whether the student posses an international experience. This includes student exchange programs, training programs abroad, studying in an international program, membership in a student organization, in addition to the student’s ability to work in a team.

What Are the Average Salaries for Students in Slovenia?

A part-time job salary in Slovenia depends on the applicant’s skills and scope of activity. Also, it depends on the number of hours that a student is willing to work. In the capital, the student’s salary after taxes ranges between 350 and 500 Euros. This makes life much easier in Europe.

A sum of 350 Euros is enough to rent a room with utilities, phone costs, travel expenses, internet costs, and shopping with a cup of coffee, taking into consideration the students’ discounts on lunch.

Do not forget that the acquired experience during cooperating with the Student Services will be included in your service period. Besides, students may also find jobs not only in Slovenia but also abroad.

On the matter of the tax for international students, 22.5% of their payment are deducted for the prepayment of income tax. To avoid double taxation, some countries have a treaty that allow the reimbursement of the prepayment. To find out which countries fall under that rule, consult the Slovenian tax administration office.

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Is It Hard to Study and Work at the Same Time in Slovenia?

This depends on the student’s ability to organize their time.

Learning in Slovenia is not easy, as students have to spend much time on self-education. However, it is possible to combine working and studying in Slovenia, if you were planning your daily routine properly.

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