Student living cost and study fees in Slovenia

Are you planning to study abroad? The Republic of Slovenia is one of the best destinations as tuition fees and the student living cost in Slovenia are fairly affordable. As a result, it will be easy for international students to consider.

Indeed, accommodation cost in student dormitories ranges between 80 and 160 Euros. Additionally, the students eat in restaurants using food coupons at reasonable prices.

As for the cost of living, it depends on the prices of food, transportation, health service, as well as the public utilities, renting, and various properties. Consequently, we will list in detail prices for some students’ expenses in Slovenia.

Tuition Fees: How much does it cost to study in Slovenia?

International students from non-EU counties have to pay the tuition fees for full-time studies in Slovenia unless:

  • Firstly, you are a student of an exchange program between higher education institutions or awarded with a scholarship from higher education institutions.
  • Secondly, you are an international citizen in one of the countries with which Slovenia concluded relevant bilateral agreements.

All international students must pay the tuition fees for part-time studies.

Tuition fees for Undergraduate Program (Full-time)

For the social science program, it is about $1,500 per year while for art study, technical programs and natural science, it is about $2,000 per year.

Tuition fees for Master’s Program

Regarding the social science program, the fees are about $2,500 per year while for technical programs and natural science, fees are about $3000 per year.

Tuition fees for doctoral studies

Students who hold a Master’s degree and are accepted in full-time doctoral programs expect to pay about $4,500 per year for social science programs while about $6,000 per year for art study for technical programs and natural science.

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Student Discounts

To get students discounts on various cultural events, concerts, sport, and other activities and to buy food coupons, the student must have a visiting student ID.

Therefore, students can obtain it through the international students’ organization. This card gives status “Student”.

Types of accommodation and their costs

Living in student dormitories is considered less expensive than the private accommodation, which means that you will have a shared room. Find the cost of living for a student in the following cities in Slovenia:

Students Dormitories

  • Ljubljana: 80 Euros – 160 Euros
  • Maribor: 100 euros – 170 euros
  • Primorska: 100 euros

Private Accommodations-Double room (excl. expenses)

  • Ljubljana: 100 Euros – 130 Euros
  • Maribor: 90 Euros – 120 Euros
  • Primorska: 100 Euros – 150 Euros

Private Accommodations-Single room (excl. expenses)

  • Ljubljana: 120 Euros – 160 Euros
  • Maribor: 120 Euros – 150 Euros
  • Primorska: 140 Euros – 180 Euros

Cost of living in Slovenia for international students

Food costs

Students mainly eat in restaurants using food coupons. Therefore, the prices are really low but differ according to cities and restaurants.

Additionally, the Republic of Slovenia contributes to pay 2.63 Euros per meal and the student pay the rest.

For example, the highest price a student can pay after using food coupons is 4.37 Euros, while the lowest price is 0 Euro (for sandwiches).

Since restaurants offer great service to students, the majority doesn’t cook at home but in case you want to do that, you will find below some of the supermarkets’ prices:


  • Apples: (1 kg): €1.3
  • Banana: (1 kg): €1.2


  • Tomato (1 kg): €1.7
  • Onion (1 kg): €0.8
  • Potatoes (1 kg): €0.7


  • Beef (1 kg): €8
  • Chicken (1 kg): €6.6
  • Rice (500 g): €1.5
  • Salt (1 kg): €1
  • Sugar (1 kg): €1
  • Eggs (12): €2
  • Milk (one liter): €0.9
  • Water (bottled): (1.5 liters) €0.6
  • Tea (at a café): €1.80

Transportation costs

Common transportation options in Slovenia for students include getting a public transport pass, renting or buying a second-hand bicycle, and taking a taxi. A bus card with a student discount will cost between 10 and 27 Euros per month. 

The other popular mode of transportation is the bike. This costs 50 Euros to get a second-hand bicycle, with the additional bike lock cost included. Travelling by cab, on the other hand, will cost 1 euro, then you add 1 additional euro per kilometer.

Other student living cost in Slovenia

The total expenses for an international student in Slovenia amounts around 600 euros per month. This, of course, is relatively cheap compared to what you will spend in any other foreign country. 

Additional costs to consider include the entertainment cost, around 30 to 70 euros per month. Moreover, to cover any medical emergency cost, international students should also get a health insurance. Its cost will depend on the type of plan you get, and the medical services covered in the insurance. 

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