Bachelor’s Degree in Mexico

Mexico sees growing numbers of foreign students to study in their universities, especially for a bachelor’s degree in Mexico.

The top Mexican universities provide high-quality education levels in various disciplines besides their global recognition.

What is a bachelor’s degree in Mexico?

The higher education system in Mexico has the same structure applied in Europe and the US with a bachelor’s degree (liceciatura) which usually takes 3 to 5 years to complete, a master’s (maestría) that requires 2 years study and a doctorate / PhD (doctorado) that lasts 3 years or more. 

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Like in many Latin American countries, the licentiatura in Mexico needs 4 to 5 years of full-time study, depending on the field the student chooses. A bachelor’s in medicine in Mexico however requires 6 years study. 

The country also makes the distinction between simply passing all the necessary courses then being a graduate and actually receiving a degree diploma (título profesional). The latter means that the student has not only completed their studies, but also has the right to use the title of Licenciado. 

A bachelor’s degree in Mexico provides students with the opportunity to improve their knowledge and training in their subject of study. Together with an increased skill proficiency, students can either qualify for a career or apply for a higher university degree, a master or a specialty degree.

Admission Requirements

  • To fill out the application form of the university with all relevant information.
  • Application fees are not refundable
  • Submit evidence of means of financial support to fund studies.
  • If the candidate has any scholarships, he must present the appropriate documents.
  • Valid passport.
  • Applicants must submit full details about their educational qualifications, including the subjects and grades.
  • Candidates must provide official transcripts from all institutions they attended after secondary school. They need to include important details of the subjects and credits and other details such as correspondence courses, diplomas, etc.
  • Besides, Applicants must submit IELTS/ TOEFL scores to prove their proficiency in English.
  • International students must submit evidence of medical insurance as well.

Application Procedure

  • Many Mexican universities provide application forms easy to download on their websites. Therefore, you can download application forms from these websites. Besides, you can submit the official academic transcripts of the past 3 years of study, two recommendation letters. Also, a Copy of passport, two ID sized photographs and receipt of fee payment.
  • Applicants must pass an online entrance exam for the university courses. Non-European students shall have a personal interview with a delegate of the university.
  • Once the examination ends, the respective candidates must apply for a student visa.
  • International students must obtain their high school qualifications validated from the Mexican embassies.
  • For admission in Mexican universities, Students must personally attend to the admission office of the university with the following documents: passport, 2 ID sized photographs, notification of candidate’s acceptance of admission and proof of validation of high school studies.

Bachelor’s Degree Subjects in Mexico

There are many undergraduate degree subjects’ options for international students in Mexico. From fine arts to visual communication, interior design, criminal justice, English language studies, Environmental studies, Human services, Spanish language and culture, psychology, business administration, hospitality and tourism administration or computer information system. 

Mexico’s higher education system is not only reliable, but offers students a top quality and internationally recognized education. Students can choose between studying part-time or full-time. Moreover, international students can either be independent or part of an exchange program.

Those from an exchange program must be nominated by the university’s international student’s office, which help them pay their tuition fees. Independent international students on the other hand have to pay directly their tuition fees to the university. 

Available Bachelor’s degrees Programs in Mexico 

Here are some of the best bachelor’s degree programs available for international students in Mexico

Bachelor of Science in Biological Science at A-STATE Queretaro

This campus-based bachelor study lasts for 4 years in full-time pace. It takes place at the A-STATE Queretaro university in Santiago de Querétaro. Moreover, this bachelor’s program is taught in English and will provide international students a comprehensive training in biology, environmental biology, zoology, ecology, and botany. 

Bachelor in Nanotechnology engineering at the Institute of Technology in Tijuana

This is a full-time study program that requires 4 years study on campus. The courses are taught in Spanish, and prepare students to work in all types of professional nanotechnological projects. This can be in the areas of electronics, automotive, medicine, computing, optics, mining to name a few. 

Bachelor of International Trade at Anglo-Mexican Institute of Higher Education

This program has the particularity of being offered in the English language, and train students to efficiently manage a business on multicultural international markets. The training involves developing multicultural communication and negotiation skills that might be useful in the areas of import & export, logistics and service administration, marketing, finance, strategic planning…

Bachelor’s degree in international business at the University of Colima

This program lasts for 8 semesters for a full-time study pace. The language of instruction is English and the training includes both theoretical and practical studies. Moreover, students will acquire skills in negotiation strategies at international levels, research methodology and techniques, or in administrative theories and techniques to name a few.

Finally, once you submit to the university and fulfill all requirements of studying visa in Mexico, you have to know how to get student accommodation in Mexico and also, costs of studying and living in Mexico.

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