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After we introduced you to the guidelines of studying in Brazil, we will talk about the top universities in Mexico, according to the rankings of the World University of Higher Education, Mexico accounts for a wide range of the best universities in Latin America.

Besides, 56 Mexican universities are among which sheds light upon the top 400 institutions in the region.

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Globally, QS World University Rankings includes 14 universities in Mexico. And these are some of the top universities in Mexico:

1- National Autonomous University in Mexico (UNAM)

Ranked 122nd in QS World University Rankings and 4th in Latin America ranking and as a result, it leads to being the top University in Mexico. UNAM is a public university, hosting around 349500 students included, 30300 postgraduate students in several universities in Mexico City and its outskirts.

In 2007, the main campus of mission (constructed as a collaborative project of architectural design between 1949 and 1952) has been among 31 UNESCO World heritage sites.

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2- Monterrey Institute of Technology

Monterrey Institute of Technology has been steadily improving in the world university rankings this year because of the large global development.

It occupies now 199th rank in the world and 5th in Latin America. Additionally, it is a private institution with 95000 students in 31 academic campuses all over Mexico.

Actually, the main campus of this institution is located in Monterrey and this city has the highest PCI in Mexico and a significant center of industry and business in the country.

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3- National Polytechnic Institute

The National Polytechnic Institute is another large public university, the same as the independent national university in Mexico.

It is hosting upwards to 150000 students. Besides, it appears in the 30th rank in Latin America and 651-700 in the world ranking.

The main campus is 2 km away from north Mexico City.

This institution is a global leader in 13 majors in QS World University Rankings by subject, including Computer science, Mechanical engineering, and Physics.

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4- Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico

Autonomous Technological Institute (ITAM) is founded in 1946 in Mexico City. Besides, it is a private research institute and also occupies rank 651-700 in the world. In addition, It is one of the most important intellectual institutions in Mexico and currently manages a group of international programs with universities like the French (Sciences Po) and Tulane in the USA.

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5- Metropolitan Autonomous University

The University of Autonomous Metropolitan (UAM) is established in 1974. The public University occupies rank 751-800 in the world. It hosts more than 52800 students.

Moreover. UAM was the first Mexican university offering a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineer.

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6- Meritorious Autonomous University of Puebla

It is ranked as the oldest and largest university in Puebla. It occupies rank 800-1000 in the world. This university is famous for its long history from the Sixteenth decade prior to its current construction in 1937.

Also, BUAP University achieved 5 stars in the QS Star rating system for work opportunities, social responsibility and creativity.

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7- Anahuac University

Anahuac University is a private university founded in 1964. It occupies rank 650-601 in the world.

In addition, it is located in Interlomas, a big city in Mexico. Also, it is a member of the Anahuac university network and a global organization that includes private Catholic universities.

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8- University of Ibero-American

Ibero-American University – UIA (also known as Ibero) is located in Mexico City. Additionally, it is one of the eight Jesuit universities. Besides, it is among 601-650 ranks in the world and among the best 150 Art books, design, and modern languages according to QS World University Rankings by subject.

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9- University of Guadalajara

The university of Guadalajara is located in one of Mexico’s largest cities and hosts around 210,000 students. It exists since 1792 and is a public, secular, autonomous and meritorious institution in Mexico. The university emphasizes on its social commitment and promotes research in the scientific and technological fields. 

Moreover, it offers 27 internationally recognized undergraduate programs and 176 postgraduate programs with national recognition. Among the most important subjects you can study at UDG are health sciences, administrative economic sciences, social sciences and humanities and exact sciences and engineering. 

Learn more at the website of the University of Guadalajara

10- Autonomous University of Nuevo León (UANL)

Founded in 1933, UANL is one of the largest universities in Mexico, and is spread over 7 campuses across the state of Nuevo León in the North of the country. It hosts about 153,000 students and offers the highest number of university programs in the region. It is not surprising then that it appears in this list of the best universities in Mexico. 

The institution plans on extending its international reach and envisions to be the reference for educational quality by 2030. Moreover, the Autonomous University of Nuevo León currently offers 26 research areas, 324 academic programs. Among these courses, 20 undergraduate and 12 graduate programs allow international students to get double degrees with foreign institutions.

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