How to get Student Accommodation in Mexico

Do you think about studying in Mexico? Are you looking for student accommodation in Mexico? As a foreign student, the choice of accommodation is one of the challenges you may face. Therefore, Mexico City offers a wide and varied range of options that match all budgets, as it is the most city receiving students.

There are 2 main types of accommodation beside the option of temporary residence in a hotel:

1- Host Family Program

2- List of the available apartments off-campus

Host Family Program

Upon applying for a host family program, it is important to notify your coordinator with your flight no., Date, and the expected arrival time. In case you change your plans, you must inform the coordinator and the host family in advance.

Mexico is a home of several universities and has a large number of students. Therefore, students are placed in host family accommodation 10 to 20 minutes from the campus. In the university office, rooms are with good quality services.

In case the student finds a host family by his own, the university cannot interfere if disagreements or disputes arise.

If the student chooses a family accommodation program, the student must email the respective university at least one month prior to the international coordinator’s email.

Residential Apartments in Mexico

The University office provides the student with a list of addresses in which there are options to find an apartment or a room for rent. It is only to help him in selecting a nice area of the city to live in.

Besides, it provides a list of indications of the nearest neighborhood or a little farther from the campus.

Once you find some options for renting in the area you liked. Then, start to check the prices. Moreover, prices vary depending on region or facilities.

The rent average per room near to campus ranges between $3500 and $4500 per month. Upon your arrival, It is recommended to visit different apartments for a few days.

It is important to know that every owner usually asks for one or two months as a deposit upon signing the contract. This is a guarantee amount that will be returned at the end of the contract (unless there are damages that were not previously recorded).

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Student Accommodation in Mexico

In case you are looking for a more independent lifestyle during your residence, like to get acquaintance and interact with other foreign students, students’ accommodation is the best option.

Student accommodation can vary in size and location. This kind of housing usually includes students of all ages and nationalities in a home environment.

Students’ accommodation is usually the most economical form of student residence. Students’ accommodations in Mexico City usually offer shared facilities kitchen or cafeterias to give the opportunity to practice your new language with peers even away from your studies. There is normally a reception office that you can contact in case you have any problem or inquiry.

Hotel Residence in Mexico

In case you have stayed in a hotel for a few days, whatever it is, take into consideration the followings:

  • Leave your extra cash and all your valuable things in the safety boxes of the hotel.
  • Keep your passport alongside with the other valued documents in the safety boxes as well.
  • Copy your passport and keep it with you
  • Neither leaves any expensive jewelry and electronic equipment nor any other expensive valued thing in your room.
  • Close the room during your existence, and make sure of using the security holder while closing it.
  • Never open to strangers or anyone without the hotel uniform or holding an appropriate ID.
  • Don’t tell your room number to a stranger.
  • In case you lost something, you should report it to the hotel manager immediately.

Where do students live in Mexico City?

The best way to immerse into the authentic Mexican culture in Mexico is to study in the country’s capital city. And good news, Mexico City has the most notable collection of universities in all Latin America. 

Starting by Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), which is the leading institution of higher education of the city and one of the top universities of the country and in Latin America. There are also Universidad Panamericana, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana which is among Mexico’s best research universities or Universidad Iberoamericana to name a few. 

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Student housing in Mexico City includes on and off-campus, from small apartment to hotels. Some universities like Ibero have a supervised housing service you can contact in order to find the suitable accommodation for you. Moreover, you have the choice between 3 types of off-campus housing in Mexico City: furnished apartments you can rent with other students, co-living spaces, and extended stay hotel rooms.

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