How to Apply for University in Mexico

how to apply for Mexican University

Do you think to apply for university studies in Mexico? There are dozens of prestigious universities in Mexico, which are globally recognized for providing a high-quality level of education. However, admission to prominent universities in Mexico is not easy.

Besides, admission to a Mexican university requires the student to undergo strict admission procedures. Also, the student has to meet all eligibility requirements to guarantee a seat for himself in one of the universities in Mexico.

Therefore, we will list in this article how to apply to university studies in Mexico and the details of admission procedures, and requirements.

Undergraduate Studies

To get admission in academic courses in Mexico, students have to obtain the minimum GPA of high school. Most Mexican Universities accept a cumulative 2.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale.

Besides, Students who are interested in undergraduate studies must have high school graduation.

Master’s Degree

Students who want to apply for Master’s Programs in Mexico must have a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent as well.

PhD’s Degree

Students who are interested in Doctoral Programs in Mexico must have a Master’s degree or its equivalent.

Required Documents for Application

  • To fill out the application form of the university with all relevant information.
  • Application fees are not refundable
  • Submit evidence of means of financial support to fund studies.
  • A valid passport.
  • Applicants must submit full details about their educational qualifications, including the subjects and grades.
  • To provide official transcripts from all institutions students attended after secondary school. Besides, including important details of the subjects and credits and other details such as correspondence courses, diplomas, etc.
  • Additionally, Applicants must submit IELTS/ TOEFL scores to prove their proficiency in English.

University Admission Procedures in Mexico

Applicants can download the application forms from the Mexican university website they want to study in.

Required Documents

Candidates have to present the following documents:

  • Official academic transcripts of the past 3 years of study,
  • two recommendation letters,
  • beside Copy of passport,
  • alongside with two ID sized photographs,
  • and receipt of fee payment besides the application form of the applicant.

Entrance test in Mexican Universities

Students applying for study programs in Mexico must submit the online entrance test. It will be scheduled before the deadline of Application (students may be required to have an interview with the university’s delegate)

Upon finishing the entrance test, students should take the next step to get a student visa. On the contrary, Candidates from some countries do not need to get a visa. While others need to fulfill the requirements of a student visa in Mexico and to get a student visa, all students must have medical insurance.

Learn more about Requirements of a student visa in Mexico

International students applying to a university in Mexico have to get their high school certificate from the Mexican Embassy. Moreover, Students have to carry this document during the enrollment process.

For admission in a Mexican university, the student must attend personally to the admission office in the university at the time of admission with the following documents:

  • Passport,
  • Also, 2 ID sized photographs, and
  • notification of candidate’s acceptance of admission and evidence of the validity of high school studies

Additionally, to apply for university study in Mexico, you will have to apply directly through the admission department. Also, Admission requirements vary from one institution to another, but you may be required to have an entrance exam and / or a language proficiency test depending on your circumstances.

Why study in Mexico universities for international students?

Choosing Mexico as your destination to study abroad will offer you a memorable experience that you will treasure for the rest of your life. Not only, the country is the most visited place in Latin America, but its higher education system has been growing in quality lately. 

Mexican universities offer hundreds of programs in many subject areas from social sciences to humanities and engineering. There is also the diversity of the classes: some are on a part-time basis, others are full-time, others are evening/night classes and some programs like business master’s programs are English-taught. 

Moreover, Mexico has more than 1,200 institutions of higher education, among which about half of the universities are public ones. That means you can study for any postgraduate degree (master’s or PhD) at a lower cost to get a high-quality education. Even Mexico City and Monterrey come among the top 20 student affordable cities in the world. 

Besides, in the matter of education system strength, Mexico is ranked among the 40 best countries for its higher education system. The country’s higher education institutions host around 7,700 international students, who also enjoy Mexico’s diverse culture and natural beauty during their study stay.

In conclusion, you will need to get a student visa to be able to join your university in Mexico. Therefore, we invite you to read the requirements for a student visa in Mexico alongside the top universities in Mexico.

The top Universities in Mexico

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