Top 10 universities in Australia for international students

In this article, we will showcase the top 10 universities in Australia, their ranking on the global level, and their best-known disciplines. The ranking of Australian universities is subject to a number of assessment systems. This includes the evaluation system of Quacquarelli Symonds, through the Immigration, the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), US media opinion, together with the locally conducted researches.

Moreover, the Australian universities have high ranks in the specialized global ranking. This includes the Global Science Index for universities under 50 years. Also, they have a very good reputation and ranking in the TIMES, according to the educational subjects.

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Australia’s top universities for international students are as the following:

Australian National University (ANU)

The first institution in our top universities in Australia is no other than the country’s national university. Established in 1946, it’s located in the city of Canberra, the capital territory of the country. It’s the #1 university in Australia for numerous reasons. One of them is that it has the highest number of Nobel laureates among its staff and alumni than any other university in the country. 

The university’s study programs address many of today’s global issues: biodiversity, climate changes, alternative energy, food and regional security. Moreover, the institution hosts 21,000+ students, studying politics, linguistics, geography, sciences or law and business. ANU also is a research-intensive institution, being a member of the Group of Eight Australian research universities. 

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University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is the second-oldest universities in Australia, with its foundation dating back to 1853. The institution is not only a research and learning place, it’s also part of the cultural life of the city of Melbourne. That explains how the main campus is not far from transport, shopping venues, sports venues, cafés and student accommodation of the city. 

And to explain the reputation of the institution as one of the best, 10 courses of the university’s courses are among the top 20 best globally. Moreover, the University of Melbourne offers more than 600 programs of study to more than 54,000 students. 44% of them are international students from 150+ countries in the world.

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Top Universities in Australia

University of Sydney

Over the years, the University of Sydney has constantly been among the top universities in the world and in Australia. Its origins date back to 1850, making it the first university in Australia. The institution’s purpose has remained, it’s to offer students the opportunity to realize their full potential in education. 

Being the first university in the country, the institution also offers Australia’s largest range of disciplines, with 400 areas of study to choose from. Moreover, the University of Sydney hosts more than 70,000 students from 170+ nationalities.  

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University of New South Wales (UNSW)

Another prestigious university in Australia, UNSW is among the top 50 universities in the world. Located in Sydney, the university has been established in 1949. It hosts more than 60,000 students from over 130 countries, attesting the university’s high international profile. 

Along with the University of Queensland, UNSW is also a member of the Global Universitas 21, a network of global research leading universities. Among the most popular courses at the university, there are: computer science, computer engineering, medicine, art, design and media, geography, electrical engineering, economics and so on. 

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University of Queensland

Located in the South East of Queensland, the University of Queensland has 3 campuses: 2 in the suburb of Brisbane and another one in Gatton, Queensland. It’s a leading university in teaching and research in the country. The institution has won more national teaching awards than any other university in Australia. 

The university, which was founded in 1909 is also one of the oldest universities of Australia. It’s ranked among the 50 best universities globally, offering more than 550 study programs for local and international students. And last but not least, UQ is one of the 3 Australian universities which are part of the Global Universitas 21. It’s also one of the founding member of the Group of Eight research intensive universities in Australia.

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Top Universities in Australia

Monash University

Monash’s origins date back to 1958, a university which got its name from the Australian General Sir John Monash. It’s also the largest university in Australia, among the top 100 globally, and a member of the prestigious Group of Eight research intensive universities in the country. 

What’s worth mentioning on Monash University is also the fact that it has 4 campuses. 2 of them are in Australia, one in Malaysia and another in South Africa. Moreover, the institution also has more than 100 international partners. It welcomes around 60,000 students, to which they offer 200 different scholarships to fund their education.

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University of Western Australia (UWA)

Located in Perth, the university is among the top 100 global universities. Its origin dates back to 1911 making of UWA the 6th oldest university in Australia. Moreover, the institution is also among the biggest landowners in the country, with a large campus built on an area of 160 acres of land. 

It also includes 6 main libraries, among which the Reid library, the biggest library in Australia. Moreover, UWA has also 6 faculties, many research centers and institutes. These offer to the 27,000 students of the university various programs of study such as engineering, biotechnology, natural resource management, law, finance, urban design, to name just a few.

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University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide is part of this list of the best universities in Australia from being one of the world’s leading institutions of learning and innovation. It’s in fact a member of Australia’s prestigious Group of Eight intensive research-focused universities. Founded in 1874, the University of Adelaide is located in the city of the same name, in South Australia. 

Within its 5 faculties, the institution offers more than 400 study programs at graduate and undergraduate levels. The university also hosts one of the biggest book libraries in the world, with around 2 million books and journals available. Students number amounts to more than 22,000 students, with 35% of them being international students from 100+ countries.

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Unis in Australia

University of Technology, Sydney (UTS)

The University of Technology in Sydney is special for its strategic location, which is minutes away from Australia’s most innovative companies, in the heart of Sydney. The institution is also number one for research impact in Australia. It has more than 150 industry partners shaping the university’s course and providing internships and industry insight. 

Moreover, another point not to miss is that UTS Australia is among the top 100 universities in the world for graduate employability. The university’s foundation dates back to 1965. And it hosts more than 45,000 students, with almost 12,000 of them being international students.

Visit University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) to get more information.

Curtin University – Australia

The last in our ranking of the best universities in Australia is the Curtin University. Curtin is a higher education institution in the suburban part of Perth. Its origins date back to 1966, when the institution was the very first university of Technology in Australia. It’s a popular study institution with global recognition for its connections with industry, its high-quality research as well as its array of innovative programs. 

To give you some relevant figures, Curtin University collaborates with more than 90 worldwide universities and has campuses in Asia and in Mauritius. Moreover, the university hosts more than 50,000 students studying Humanities, Business & Law, Health Sciences and Science & Engineering related-subjects at its 4 faculties.

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As I have shown, these were the top universities in Australia, according to the global ranking, along with their official links.

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