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Admission tests for UK medical schools

Admission test for UK medical schools

The British education system is considered as one of the best academic systems in the world. However, studying medicine in the UK may be one of the most specialties, for which international students are competing. To obtain an internationally recognized doctor certificate, the candidate must follow all selection stages. The …

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5 key tips to succeed your IELTS

5 tips to succeed your IELTS

Whether studying in the US or studying in UK, IELTS is one of the most important and common tests you need to pass. Success in the IELTS test is not only an indication of an international student’s ability to communicate in English but also an indication that he passed a …

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UK student visa requirements and how to apply


A condition you need to meet in order to be able to study in Britain is to have a residence visa that enables you to study there. Hence, in this article, we will highlight the process of obtaining a student visa in the UK in simplified steps. All of which …

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Scholarships in UK and how to get them

Scholarships in UK

UK-funded scholarships are a great opportunity to study in UK that everyone is looking for. There are many bursaries in UK that may not be as popular as the Chevening one. However, they are important and worth applying, according to what is stated in the official website of UK Ministry …

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Distance learning in UK: The best universities to study online

Distance learning in UK

British education is one of the most innovative education programs worldwide known for its high quality. Technology has played a major role in fulfilling the dream of many students to graduate from one of UK universities, improving their academic skills as well as increasing their employment opportunities. You can achieve …

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