How to adapt to the British culture, customs and traditions?

Adopt to UK customs

In this article, we will talk about the customs, traditions, and norms of British society which will definitely make your integration easier. Previously we have highlighted the various aspects of studying in the UK from the way you enroll in UK universities, how to provide student accommodation in the UK as well as other topics in our Ultimate Guide to Studying in the UK.

Indeed, before visiting this country, you should learn about the most important specificities of British society, customs and culture, traditions and occasions and holidays that they celebrate.

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Learn the most important information about UK

Location of the UK

  • The United Kingdom is located in Western Europe. London is its capital.
  • Also, the British society consists of a mixture of races such as Indians, Asians, and Africans. Britain has more than 65 million people.

Language in the UK

  • English is spoken differently from one region to another. But most habitants in UK speak English.
  • On the other hand, you can find other spoken languages such as Indian and Pakistani as well as Arabic, Chinese, French, and Portuguese.

What are the customs and traditions of the British?

  • British people are one of the most adherent to their customs and traditions, where they often find their pride.
  • They are civilized, and they always maintain ethics and respect for others.
  • UK society is based on time respect as well as punctuality. They are considering very much to attend on time and avoid any delays. Furthermore, they pay so much attention to the organization in all matters.
  • They always feel they have to speak in a polite and respectful manner and have good values and qualities. For example, when they ask something from someone, they always say “please”.
  • Women and pregnant women, the old and the elderly people have an important position in the UK and have priority in public services. Disrespect and appreciation towards this group are very rude to them.
  • British citizens drink tea so much, especially in the noon or afternoon time. Being that, the UK is well-known for this tradition, and it’s called “tea-time”.
  • Indeed, this tradition has a great importance to British society and is an opportunity for family and relatives to meet. Drinking tea in Britain is usually accompanied by eating some delicious pancakes and sweets.
  • Children from an early age learn the etiquette of food and table manners.

Other culture and traditions of the British you need to know

When staying in the UK, please be aware of the following:

  • If you are at a dinner party wait until your host starts eating or indicates you should do so.
  • When you are on the table, stay until the end. Do not leave your place twice because you may not find it.
  • If you come for dinner at someone’s home, it’s preferable to bring roses or chocolate.
  • You should not imitate the way the British people speak. This is considered a mockery and is unacceptable.
  • It is better not to ask the British people about the queen and their personal knowledge about her.

British Passport

  • The British passport is one of the most powerful passports in the world. This is due to the fact that it allows to travel to 173 countries without visa. You can find out here how to obtain a UK student visa.

Celebrations that the British still maintain and revive

Straw Bear

The British celebrate this day by organizing a festival of their own. Basically, this is an ancient and popular tradition in many parts of the UK. It takes place on the 7th of January of each year, during which people wear a straw costume covering the person who wears it, to look like a straw bear.

Also, the participant goes to walk around one house to another and perform a kind of dance and collects some money.

Wild Apple

During this festival, a large group of people gather around a procession throwing apples to the crowds present at the main street.

Rolling cheese

This festival takes place every year and is a popular festival. Nowadays, people from different countries around the world participate in it.

Basically, participants run to catch up with the wheel of cheese that is thrown from the top of the mountain. Hence, who gets it, keeps it. Usually, this is an opportunity for everyone to get some fun, and why not, to get the cheese wheel.

As a matter of fact, there are other traditions such as the torch night, which takes place on the 5th of November. During this day, people are diving in the mud where they are participating in a swamp diving competition.

Furthermore, there is the pancake competition and other customs that have marked British society.

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