How do I apply for university studies in Argentina?

After presenting the most important universities in Argentina, now we will talk about how to apply to a university in Argentina.

There are no restrictions on foreign enrollment. The student can graduate with an academic degree (Licenciatura) after three or four years. The applications to the university courses might be different from an institution to another. They may also differ according to the university and study program.

Apply to university in Argentina for international students

There are 47 national universities in Argentina that receive finance from the government and meet the demands of most of the university students in the country. There are also 46 private universities in Argentina, which are usually smaller and charge higher tuition fees.

Moreover, both public and private sectors have a number of institutes that are different from the universities regarding their focus on specific fields.

The University of Córdoba is the oldest university in the country, while the University of Buenos Aires is the one with the higher international profile. Undergraduate studies in Argentina take from one to three years to complete. But if you apply for a more professional degree, your university studies may require up to 4-6 years to complete. 

Moreover, postgraduate studies in Argentina take one to three years to complete, depending on the program and the study subject. Finally, PhD need you to complete between four and six years of study. 

Academic Year

Argentina is in the Southern Hemisphere. That is why the academic year extends from the beginning of March to the middle of December. Moreover, summer break occurs from December to February, and a winter break usually takes place in mid-July. And for most higher education institutions in Argentina, the first semester lasts from March to July, and the second semester lasts from July or August to December. 

Steps when you apply to a university in Argentina

When applying to university studies abroad, the first step is always to choose the city in which you’d like to settle in. In Argentina, the most popular cities among students include: Buenos Aires, the capital city, where the most universities are; then Mendoza, Córdoba, Santa Fe and Rosario. 

After you select the city, it’s time to decide on which program you want to study, then choosing the university. In Argentina, you are allowed to apply to up to 3 programs at 3 different universities for each application cycle. So, to be sure, pick 3 universities offering the program that interests you. And for each institution, review the application procedures as well as the documentation each university requires for admission and acceptation. 

Next is to fill out the university application form and collect all the required documents. Usually, when you apply to university in Argentina, you don’t have a central portal like in other countries. Instead, it’s the Argentinian government who set and monitor the requirements, which you’ll find on each university’s website.

University application requirements

In most universities, candidates have to apply online through the university website, where you can fill and download the application form.

In addition, each applicant has to submit the following documents:

  • Application Form
  • Photograph (passport-size)
  • Copy of the student’s passport
  • Official transcript issued and signed by the student’s university, in English or in Spanish.
  • Spanish certificate (applicable to students taking courses in Spanish): B2/C1 level. The most common proficiency proof in the Spanish language is usually the CELU (Certificate of Spanish Language and Use).
  • You should also check whether the (Descriptors CEFR) document is accepted on the mentioned website or not. The applicant can submit proof of their linguistic proficiency through submitting a certificate from a language school or institute, official exam, or a statement issued by the university.
  • English certificate (applicable to students taking courses in English): B2 level. There are a lot of tests or certificates which can be submitted by the student, such as the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Also, the statement issued by the university is accepted.
  • Proof of local medical insurance: submit prior to arrival in Argentina. Its validity runs from the first to the last day of the semester.
  • Tuition fee (if applicable).
  • Application fee

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Apply to university in Argentina: further tips

It’s important to remember that application instructions in many universities are in Spanish, even if you apply for a program in English. Moreover, for all your official documents, you need a notarized translation into Spanish. Also, university application fee in Argentina can be up to $100. 

You have to comply with this procedure or meet the deadlines because otherwise your application will get rejected. Upon completion, the student will receive an acceptance letter via e-mail, which will be both in Spanish and in English versions. The process may take up to two weeks.

When you get this acceptance letter, you’ll need to respond to confirm your place and then start the next step, which is your student visa application for Argentina.

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