Types of Scholarships in Argentina

Scholarship Application

There are a number of scholarships and funding opportunities for those who are willing to study in one of the Latin American countries. As for the types of scholarships in Argentina, there are some governmental scholarships offered by the universities and external institutions for students in different study levels.

How to get a scholarship in Argentina?

Many students come from different countries to enroll in the great universities of Argentina. There are a lot of available funds to help you with your program’s costs. Moreover, there are many and different scholarships for students who want to study abroad. Some of them depend on the country, others on the field of study, and a third category is free for all.

You may think that you are not qualified for a scholarship, but it always worth checking. Contact your school’s office abroad and the financial aid offices as well to know your available options. After that, you can check the internet for the latest available opportunities.

You can think about choosing a study program abroad that offers scholarships, such as API and GIC. Check the other financing sources on the campus or in your home country. You can also think about collecting money before your trip to earn some additional cash.

Some Low-Cost Options for Study Programs in Argentina


Low-Cost Study Programs

  • API in Mendoza and Buenos Aires
  • CEA in Palermo, Buenos Aires

Low-Cost Language Programs

  • COINED programs in Mendoza, Córdoba, and Buenos Aires
  • Spanish Studies Abroad program in Córdoba
  • Able Spanish program in Córdoba
  • Spanish program in Buenos Aires
  • Spanish Cultural Program

A top-level comprehensive Spanish language course was designed for the students who want to study Spanish in a short time. This course is therefore recommended for the serious students who aim to make the most out of their time abroad. It is a very comprehensive course and students are asked to study hard and do daily homework. The program focuses on what the students may use the language in, instead of just knowing it.

The program offers 12 different scholarships, including the study subjects, 60 Spanish and cultural lessons, accommodation, certificate, admission fees, taxes, and civil responsibility.

The cost of the program in the partial scholarship reaches $495.

Application process for Scholarship in Argentina

Applicants have to fulfill the following requirements:

  • The age of the applicant has to be between 18 and 28 years.
  • A resume (in the applicant’s mother tongue)
  • Travel health insurance
  • Letter of motivation

Choose your Scholarship in Argentina

When choosing candidates for scholarships, the integrated four-member selection committee considers many factors. It grants scholarships for those who show commitment towards their society and a real interest in the cultural programs.

After completing the application procedures and sending all the documents, the chosen candidates will receive acceptance letters for scholarships in Argentina.

The student’s participation is confirmed after paying the fees via PayPal.All the accepted students are responsible for their travel costs, airport transfer,daily expenses, in addition to the balance of the program’s fees.

The costs of studying and living in Argentina are less than those in other countries in Latin American in general. But the small additional finance could be useful for many international students.

Some Available Scholarships in Argentina

Mente Argentina Scholarship

Mente Argentina is a lead organization providing programs for international students to study abroad in Argentina, learn Spanish, or take part in Internship and Volunteer Programs in the country. And for students to be able to enjoy this opportunity, the organization not only help in planning all aspects of their trip in Argentina, along with the financial details. 

That’s how Mente Argentina offers 3 types of scholarships for international students coming to study in Argentina: 

  • Academic Merit Scholarship: funding academic programs lasting between 1 semester and 1 academic year. The scholarship amount is from $500 to $2500 per student. 
  • Financial Need Scholarship: for academic programs of 1 semester to 1 year as well. The amount granted is between $750 and $2500 per student.
  • Short & ELAP Programs Scholarships targets short study stays of 4 to 18 weeks in Argentina, and its amount is from $250 to $1000 per student.

Roberto Rocca Scholarships

This program offers international scholarships to study different university programs in Argentina, such as engineering, geoscience, and scientific subjects in chosen leading universities.

Moreover, the Roberto Rocca Education Program grants scholarships to students from Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Indonesia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and Romania, who plan to earn their Master or PhD outside their home country. The scholarship offers partial funding for tuition fees and living expenses in the country they’re going to study.

Spanish Study Scholarships

These are various international scholarships, including 12 programs toindulge in the Spanish language and culture, and other 10 for the LatinAmerican studies program.

Also, Spanish Studies Abroad is another organization which has offered more than $230,000 since 2001 to students who enroll in academic programs in Spain, Cuba, Puerto Rico and of course Argentina. They have 2 types of scholarships you can apply for: Merit-based scholarship and Diversity.

Learn more on the website of Spanish Studies Abroad

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Financial Aid Scholarships by Buenos Aires University

These are a number of scholarships to study at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). This is in addition to 303 other various scholarships and 195 scholarships for master’s students in Argentina.

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