Learn Spanish in Argentina

Students who are willing to learn Spanish in Argentina will learn that the country’s explanation for their language is as unique as the country itself. The Argentinian Spanish is called Castellano, which refers to its roots in Castile in Spain.

There are many main differences between the Castellano and the Spanish that is taught in American schools. Not only the accent is slightly different, but Argentinian people have Argentinismos, Spanish weird words you can only hear in Argentina.

Learn Spanish at the University of Buenos Aires

At the Laboratorio de Idiomas, at the University of Buenos Aires, you can learn Spanish through affordable and high-quality courses. Classes at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) are a mixture of in class studies and activities that explore the city of Buenos Aires.

The classrooms include a maximum of 12 students, to give each student the individual consideration. First, you have to pass a test to determine your level in Spanish, and then you register in the suitable program.

Learn Spanish in Argentina

Comprehensive Spanish Courses in Argentina

This program was designed in Buenos Aires for the students who are willing to study or enhance their Spanish. The program is also for those who want to learn Spanish in a university environment during their visit to Buenos Aires. This is a more practical option, instead of taking classes in a regular Spanish school.

The Spanish program of Mente Argentina takes place in two big universities: the University of Buenos Aires and the University of Belgrano.

Lessons Schedule:

The Spanish language lessons take place at the University of Buenos Aires from Monday to Friday, from 1 to 4 p.m. (3 hours daily).

Best Places to study Spanish in Argentina

There are a number of language schools all over the country. But to help you to choose, these are some of the best places you can learn Spanish in all Argentina:

Best Spanish language schools in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is, of course, the best place to learn Spanish in Argentina. You can find numerous Spanish courses. There are individual lessons, private tutors, group classes in Spanish schools, in addition to the courses given by the University of Buenos Aires.

If you are studying in one of the universities abroad, search for the exchange programs with the sister schools in Buenos Aires. There you can stay with an Argentinian family. This will immerse you in the local culture and enhance your Spanish faster than if you stayed in a motel with travelers who do not speak Spanish.

Here are some of the best private language schools where you can study Spanish in Buenos Aires.


This is one of the best platforms to study the Spanish language, not only in Argentina, but also in Spain. In Argentina, the Expanish school is centrally located in Buenos Aires and is equipped with quality facilities. Moreover, they offer group courses, evening course as well as online Spanish courses.  

Ibero Spanish language school 

This language institute is in downtown Buenos Aires, and offers private as well as group classes to learn Spanish. The institution has more than two decades experience and is among the most respected Spanish language institutes in Buenos Aires. They also offer their students to learn Spanish at their own pace, as well as online. 

Vamos Academy 

Another well-known name in Buenos Aires when it comes to learning Spanish, Vamos Academy prides in its modern and personable communicative approach to teaching the language. You have the choice between in-group classes, private group classes, one-on-one classes as well as online classes.

Learn Spanish in Córdoba, Argentina

Learn Spanish in Argentina

This is a vibrant university campus in the middle of Argentina. It is considered a great place for the people who aim to study Spanish to spend a few weeks or months in dealing with the differences of the Castellano. So, if you were searching for a challenge, this is the suitable place for you. The national university also gives Spanish lessons to the foreigners.

However, there are other options if you chose to study in a more flexible way, such as:

  • Don Quijote Spanish school, where you can take: intensive, specialized, or online Spanish programs. You can also find summer camps and official exams preparation courses. 
  • Enforex, in downtown Córdoba, where you choose between intensive, online, specialized or summer camp programs to improve your Spanish language skills. In addition, they also offer official exams preparation courses.
  • Coined, is a Spanish language course with several locations in Argentina, including in Córdoba. You can study Spanish whether through intensive, super intensive, immersion or private courses.


Rosario is a small coastal city that is located on the banks of Paraná River. This city has a lot to give to the Spanish language students, as it is the cradle of the Argentine flag. It is a great option for those who are searching for a smaller urban center to study Spanish in Argentina.

Puerto Iguazú 

This Argentinian city in Misiones could be a great place to learn Spanish. The city is very small with limited school options. But there is a chance to exchange English lessons for Spanish with the hotel employees.

Mar del Plata

This is the most popular beach city in Argentina. It has all what it needs of urban centers, including a language school, which offers Spanish classes. This city has a fewer number of expats compared to the capital. So, you can approach the local people and enhance your language through experience and direct communication.


Ski Resort

This is another option for fresh air lovers, as it is the home of the first ski resort in Argentina (Cerro Catedral). You can combine studying with skiing to make the best benefit out of Argentina in winter.

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