Study in Argentina for Free

Public universities offer many benefits for the students who can’t afford the tuition fees, so that they can study in Argentina for free.

With the continuation of the economic crisis, more students search for higher education opportunities, with minimal costs of education and accommodation. More than 90% of the students are enrolled in the universities supported by the government, in which they get free education despite their financial situation and academic achievements.

Education in Argentina

The universities in Argentina were founded on the model of the western education. They achieve a recognized advancement nationally as well as internationally regarding the quality of degrees. You can study in Argentina for free in around 39 public universities (national) with no tuition fees, which are being funded by the Ministry of Education.

These higher education institutions register more than 1.5 million students yearly. During the first decade of this century, the number of foreign students admitting to the public and private universities in Argentina has increased significantly.

The largest part of these foreign students is registered at the University of Buenos Aires. It is a main public university in Argentina and located in the biggest city and capital. It also comes as one of the most important universities in Argentina.

In 2011, the university registered 10,646 international students in the university programs and 2,165 students in the postgraduate study programs.

The students at the university level are concentrated in the medical, business, economy, architecture, design, and law schools. Moreover, the schools that include the largest number of postgraduate foreign students are engineering, architecture, and design schools.

These schools resemble around 40% of the international graduates, while the dentistry and psychology schools take around 25% of the registration.

Private Education in Argentina

The private university sector attracts many international students as well, around 30% of the students, according to the Dean of the Business Administration College in the University of Palermo.

Although the students in the private universities pay the tuition fees, usually the costs of the bachelor programs are less than in their home country.

While the Argentinian students can register in the free universities without any fees, the international students have to expect to pay a small amount of money when registering in the public university in Argentina.  

Tuition fees

You can study in Argentina for free in the public universities. On the other hand, attending a private university in Argentina may cost between $5,000 and $15,500 per year to earn a university degree, the fees of the bachelor and some postgraduate programs are free.

Moreover, living in Argentina may be less pricey than many other countries.

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Registration in University

Study in Argentina for Free

The public universities in Argentina are the best in the country, especially that they are free. There are many good private universities as well, although they are not free, they are not pricey by western standards.

You have different options for the university studying in Argentina. There are some programs that are designed for foreign students, especially those who learn Spanish. Private universities, such as Palermo and Belgrano, offer special programs for Spanish learners. These programs are not free, but considerably less than the average of the study programs abroad.

Remember that it is not easy to enroll in any university you want. For example, the University of Buenos Aires is one of the most ancient competitive universities in not only Argentina but also Latin America as a whole. So, you have to be a good candidate to attract attention.

Admission Requirements

Some universities are okay with you to study as a foreign student, while others, such as the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) require a student or resident, except for the students holding a tourist visa. Before registration in any place, check with the embassy and school first.

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Of course, it is better to be able to attend a lecture in Spanish (Porteño Spanish), which is the spoken dialect in Buenos Aires.

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    I am from republic of Sudan
    I have a question can I enroll and change my visa from tourist visa to a student visa please

    • Hi Rami,
      Once you got accepted by a university, usually it’s not hard to obtain a student visa. I advise you to apply to first to the university and when you got accepted you can raise with them directly the visa topic.

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