Higher Education in Argentina: Undergraduate, Master and PhD

The higher education in Argentina consists of two sub-systems: a post-secondary non-university system and a tertiary university system. The latter is the one offering academic higher degree and has institutional autonomy in the country.

Also, Argentina is one of the most popular countries in South America, with a growing reputation in the university education. The vibrant capital Buenos Aires, or as it is called the Paris of South America, is the favorite choice of most of the international students who decide to pursue higher education in Argentina. But there are also other interesting options, such as La Plata and Córdoba. 

Here is our overview of the universities’ higher education system in Argentina, as well as the degrees and qualifications available in Argentine institutions.

Academic year in Argentina

Because of Argentina’s location in the southern hemisphere, the academic year starts in March and lasts till September. It depends on semesters in the majority of schools. Most of the courses depend on lectures and grades are based on one exam or paper at the end of the course.

Overview of the Higher Education in Argentina

There are more than 80 public and private universities in Argentina that offer degree programs. Higher education institutions in the country are either mass metropolitan national universities or private elite institutions.

Most of the largest institutions are in the Buenos Aires area, while private institutions are rather small and financed either by the Catholic Church or private organizations. The University of Buenos Aires is the typical form of public higher education institution in Argentina. It hosts more than 250,000 students in its 12 faculties and 4 schools. 

Moreover, over the last decades, the number of degree programs amounts to more than 1,000 with around 40% of them being master’s degree programs. 

Undergraduate studies: What is the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in Argentina?

Argentina has no “bachelor’s degree” but equivalents which are the Licentiate degree (Licenciado) and the Professional degree (Título Profesional). To earn these degrees, you need to complete 4 years of academic studies. 

Depending on the institution, it is also possible for students to get both a Licentiate and a Professional degree in fields such as psychology. This will require students to complete 4 to 6 years of studies. Programs such as Architecture, Civil Engineering, Medicine, or Veterinary medicine last longer (up to 6-7 years). 

To enroll in these programs, you don’t need to take any entrance exam in public universities. Also, education is free. In private institutions, however, you may require to undertake exams and pay an average tuition fee of USD 3,000. 

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Master’s degree in Argentina

There are two types of Masters programs in Argentina: Maestría Académica which is research master and Maestría Profesional which is profession-oriented master. The research-type master focuses on academic disciplines, while the profession-oriented one focuses on practical skills. 

To earn a master’s degree in Argentina, you have to complete 704 academic hours, which are 2 years of studies. Some masters for international students can last just one year, which is equivalent to 60 ECTS in European universities. At the end of their studies, students have to present and defend their master’s thesis. 

Most master’s programs in Argentina are in Spanish, as well as undergraduate programs. There are very few English-taught programs but to enroll in higher education degree programs in Argentina, you must have at least a B2 level in Spanish.

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Study Master and PhD in Argentina

Comprehensive Master’s programs

Argentina offers comprehensive master degrees especially designed for international students. These programs have flexible start dates, and they may last for one year.

Moreover, at the end of these programs, the student obtains an internationally recognized diploma, despite the program’s duration. The most important master’s programs in Argentina include the following:

  • Corporate Communication
  • Journalism in Buenos Aires
  • International relations
  • Digital marketing

PhD in Argentina

The higher degree you can earn in the higher education system in Argentina is a Doctorado. This is a degree you earn after you complete 2 to 6 years of studies and like for the masters, there are also 2 types of programs. In some cases, students write a dissertation to defend at the end of their research, while in other cases, they have to attend classes.

To enroll in a PhD program in Argentina, students can provide either a master or a Licentiate which program has lasted 5 years. Also, they need a research proposal and a proof of proficiency in the Spanish language.

Moreover, Argentine universities also offer post-doctorate courses that last between 3 months and 2 years. This is mostly a research focus study where students develop a research plan in their academic field.

PhD courses in Argentine Universities

There are many various courses, such as degrees, diplomas, master’s, and other postgraduate studies. Most of the international students who are willing to study in Buenos Aires are interested in the internationally-recognized programs in business administration, social sciences, humanities, information technology, engineering, medicine, law, and others.

You can choose your PhD discipline and enjoy rewarding opportunities in the fields of business, engineering, information technology, and agriculture. This is owing to the availability of enough research facilities in the city and the need for professionals in the local job market. The PhDs that are available in Argentina include the following:

Executive PhD Program in Management

Study Master and PhD in Argentina

This is a research part-time program that is designed for senior executives who seek to apply knowledge and research skills to contemporary business problems in their industry or workplace.

This is a special executive development program that is academically accurate and intellectually hard.

The study duration is four years and the program is being comprehensively supervised by two academic experts.

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