The best 10 Cheapest Universities in China

Cheap Tuition Fee and Best Universities in China

The best and cheapest universities in China are a dream for international students. Many have asked us about the costs of studying in China and how much it will take to study there.

Students search for the best cheapest universities in China where they can pursue their studies. This is because universities in China are well known for their reputation and wide popularity around the world.

Indeed, China has universities ranked among the best universities globally Also, the costs of studying in China are fine compared to other countries.

However, students with a limited budget may search for the best cheapest universities as for high-quality academic education. We’d be covering this topic today as we get to know some of the best cheapest universities in China for international students.

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Wuhan University

Wuhan is one of the most low-cost Chinese universities in terms of academic costs. The university is located in the city of Wuhan.

Also, The university has a campus that has all the necessary facilities that contribute to university achievement at the highest levels.

The cost of studying for a bachelor’s degree at Wuhan University is $4,500 whereas a master’s degree costs about $5.700. Similarly, the doctor’s degree is about $7,000 annually.

Learn more about Wuhan University.

Tsinghua University

The University of Tsinghua is in Beijing. Tsinghua has many colleges that occupy the most important rankings across China. This university’s roots trace back to 1898 and the institution is famous for its progress in science and its academic development.

The cost of studying for a bachelor’s degree at Tsinghua University is $5,000, and a master’s degree costs about $5,900. Similarly, for a doctor’s degree, the cost of studying is $6,000 a year.

Check Tsinghua University website for further information.

Southeast University

The University of Southeast China was established in 1902 as a public university that provides a large number of studies and majors.

More than 40,000 students come to the university annually. And some of the programs available at the university are into engineering, medicine, agriculture, and applied sciences.

The cost of studying a bachelor’s degree is $2,900, where a master’s degree $3,500. Similarly, a doctor’s degree costs about $5,000.

Finally, click here for more about Southeast University.

Nanjing University of Technology

Nanjing University of Technology is one of the oldest universities in China. Founded in 1902, Nanjing University is also among the least expensive universities in China, with a bachelor’s degree costing only $1,000.

Similarly, the cost for a master’s degree is about $1,200 and about $1,600 for a major in PhD.

Click here to see more.

Soochow University

Soochow University was founded in 1900 and is also among the lowest Chinese universities in terms of tuition costs. Tuition costs for all degrees at Soochow University are about $8,000 annually. Clearly a winner in our cheap and best universities in China.

With 60 years of history in Taiwan, the university has grown and become fully accredited turning into one of the most prestigious private universities on the island.

Finally, Soochow has majored in the School of Big Data Management and 23 departments, 22 Masteral programs, and 6 Doctoral Programs. The student population has also exceeded 15,000.

Learn more about Soochow University.

Tongji University

Tongji University is one of the best universities in Shanghai, China. Also, it is in the list of the top 5 affordable universities in the country. Established in 1907 as a public university, Tongji offers both undergraduate and graduate studies.

Around 30,000 students come to the university studying various subjects. Among the study programs available at Tongi University are languages, medicine, engineering, economics, and applied sciences majors.

The costs of studying at Tongji University is about $5.000 annually.

For more details about Tongji University, click here.

Hainan University

Hainan is one of the oldest universities in China. The university offers some of the best courses at affordable prices. Founded in 1976, the university receives more than forty thousand students who come to the university from all over the world every year.

The majors at Hainan University range from study programs in languages and communication to applied science and engineering and other wide range of disciplines.

Finally, you can learn more about Hainan University here.

Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU)

Aside of being an affordable university in China, the Beijing Language and Culture University also has a high international profile. In fact, the institution is known as the “Little United Nations” in the country, because it hosts around 12,000 international students every year. 

It has been established in 1962 and is located in the Haidian District in the city of Beijing. Tuition fees at BLCU starts at 3,800 per year, including dormitory fees, insurance fees as well as textbook fees. 

Learn more about the available programs at BLCU as well as how to enroll here

Hunan University of Technology (HUT)

The Hunan University of Technology or HUT is a leading university in the field of engineering and science in China. With more than 50 years’ experience in education, the institution has 2 campuses, comprised of 22 schools and one independent college. 

The leading discipline is of course engineering, but HUT also offers programs in science, management, law, education, economics, arts and liberal arts. Tuition fees start at less than $900 for an international bachelor’s program. 

Learn more about the Hunan University of Technology 

Shenzhen University

Although one of the cheapest universities in China, Shenzhen University is also one of the most modern institutions in the country. It is a main research center in Shenzhen city, offering research-oriented teaching and programs at both undergraduate and graduate and postgraduate levels. 

The campus has 30,000 internet connection points and 99% of the classrooms and lecture rooms are digitized. Tuition fees at Shenzhen University start as low as US$2,600 per year.

Discover all available programs and apply to Shenzhen University here

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  1. Can I use business visa to got admission in any school in China

    • Hello Stanley,

      Normally once you got accepted by a university, it’s not hard to obtain a student visa, however, if you have already a valid visa just check directly with the university.

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