Finding Student Accommodation in China

Finding accommodation in China

When you receive your acceptance letter from the admission university in China, you’d think this is it. You’re wrong! Finding a student accommodation in China is one of the important things to do to ensure a study trip without hassle. We have already published an article about the cost of studying and living in China. However, finding accommodation in China can be a challenge for new students.

Nevertheless, when you know where your university is, you’d focus on your search for the closest places available for accommodation next to the university.

It’s worth noting that universities in China provide student accommodation. Therefore, it’s worth contacting your university to find out all the options available with accommodation to you as a student in China.

Student accommodation options in China

Accommodation in China is divided into two parts. The first one is student housing inside the university. The second one is student accommodation outside the campus.

University dormitories in China

Student dormitories are like one of the popular options for international students in China. Distinguished by many advantages over other student dorms, many universities offer student dormitories for international students.

This will make you feel like you’re surrounded by students who share the same experience together. In many universities, you can choose to live in a room on your own, or a sharing room between two or more students.

The rooms sometimes have attached bathrooms. Also, shared bathrooms and shared kitchens on the same floor can be an option. Many dormitories don’t have kitchens, but they do have a large restaurant where you as a student can buy food and eat there.

The price of this type of accommodation varies according to each university, and also the expenses it includes. You as a student can pay the costs of housing alone or in sharing. Water and electricity costs are also at your costs.

Some universities like Peking University has limited space for international students in terms of student accommodation for international students.

In this case, it can be difficult to book accommodation.

Usually, it’s not possible to stay in the same place of residence as Chinese students. Mainly because you, being an international student, are put aside from the Chinese.

However, if you want to develop your language skills in Chinese, you can request accommodation with students from Hong Kong or Taiwan.

The benefits of housing within the campus is amazing. You can always be close to your university, and it won’t take much time to move from your room to where your class is located. Also, you’d save a lot of daily transportation costs.

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Off-campus student housing in China

If you want to live outside the campus, you’d have to have accommodation all by yourself. Also, when you arrive, you can get off at a hotel in case you can’t get a place in China.

Finding an off-campus place for you starts with defining what you really need and of course how much you can spend. There are many types of accommodation available off-campus, like housing with a roommate, or with a family or renting your own studio with one room, kitchen, and a bathroom.

The costs of each type vary according to the specs of the apartment and also the area. The cost of renting an apartment in Beijing is like $1,000 per month. In a small town, you can get a bill of up to $300.

Finding accommodation in China for international students

Keep it as a rule that before you talk to anyone, you have to first talk with your university to answer all your questions. Chances are they can assist you find a place in or around campus, or maybe recommend some real estate agents you can talk to. 

The best way to proceed is to book a hotel room in the vicinity of the university before your arrival to China. You can stay there for the first week of your stay in China. This will give you enough time to search for a place to settle in. 

You can even visit the housing options provided to you. But if you go that way, ask a Chinese friend to go with you, to help you make the right choice and also negotiate with the estate agent. 

Moreover, there are other ways to get a suitable room to rent. You can start online, for example if you are looking for a student accommodation in Beijing, you can search websites like “The Beijinger“.  

Other websites you can check are GoChengdoo, or GabinoHome, where you can browse classifieds to look for the best student housing option for you in China.

Finally, find out some of the expenses to accommodation costs like electricity, water, internet connection, and other expenses before signing any rental contract. Take your time to find the right place. Start the journey early to find a good place for you.

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