Study and work in China in 2020

Study and Work in China: International Student

Hey, welcome back! ever thought of working while studying in China?

Getting to know the most important universities for students is important next to the costs of studying and living in China. Now comes the part where you navigate discovering the possibility of working in China besides studying at your university. This will help students to get additional income, which contributes to covering part of the living cost in China.

In today’s work while studying in China report, you’d be able to learn the possibility to study and work simultaneously during your period of study in China. Ready?!

Can international students work in China?

This question is frequently asked by students coming to study in China. Yes, indeed it’s possible to work in China as an international student, however, this matter was not possible before 2013.

Students weren’t allowed to working and studying at that time, resulting in a lack of increase in the number of international students choosing China as a destination. This made the Chinese government abandon this law and allow students to work part-time or during the holidays.

You must have a study visa in China of type X, and there are two types of students visa.

  • The first one is the x1 visa, which is given to students who want to study in China for more than six months.
  • The second type is the x2 study visa that is given to exchange students or those who won’t exceed six months in China.

Study and work in China

Getting a job in China is not really that complicated however to get a part-time job in China, here are our tips!

Take advantage of the Internet

Visiting the sites that provide part-time job opportunities is one way to get your information right. When doing so, read all the work requirements and learn about the advantages and whereabouts. This will help you in the long term as you don’t want to work in a place far away from your place of residence.

Talk to your friends

Ask your friends, especially the Chinese ones, about the job opportunities available in the city where you live. This helps you become a scout as someone in the local market.

Newspapers and web

Many newspapers provide a special section for vacancies, search for the most suitable and closest to you. Try online vacancies too!

Jobs available to work in China

Language Instructor

Teaching English in China is one of the highly important jobs for international students. It’s not necessary to have English as a mother tongue, but it’s sufficient if you master it very well.

There are many opportunities for students in this field, and the work will be in either company or training centers. Try searching online!

Voice recording

This is also linked to how good your English language is. Your voice may be recorded in advertisements or videos. There is a demand for people to speak in English.

Don’t forget! working extra hours for students is part of the experience to study and work in China.

Working in shops

If you master English, you have more chances to work in shops. However, it’s necessary to know to speak Chinese so that you can communicate with your customers.

School support

One of the best opportunities for work you have in China is to provide school support to Chinese students in the English language.


There are many ways to find opportunities to work in China. Since China’s economy is booming, many students find opportunities to find work in various fields.

For example, students at Peking University of Languages and Culture do often provide support to international companies. You can search for opportunities online, or by looking at ads in university cafes, or through sites such as those providing part-time job opportunities for students.

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