Cost of Studying and Living in Russia

May be Russia is not the first name to come to your mind when you think about studying abroad. Indeed, there are many educational programs that attract a significant number of students every year in Russia, which is witnessing an increasing economic development. Besides that, the cost of Studying and Living in Russia remains affordable.

After learning about how to enroll in a Russian university and get a study visa in Russia, allow us to discuss with you the cost of studying and living in Russia.

Cost of Studying for International Students

Studying in the Russian universities is a precious opportunity for the students. It combines between the quality of education and reasonable tuition fees, when compared to other countries.

Students get fundamental education and an internationally-recognized university certificate, all of this together with reasonable tuition fees. The costs of studying in the Russian universities may differ according to the special curricula of each university.

Bachelor Degree

After completing four years of study, the student earns a bachelor degree in one of the chosen disciplines. Students can then pursue studies and take masters program.

Studying a complete bachelor degree would cost you about 240,000-260,000 rubles ($3,690-4,000) per year. The minimum cost is 122,500 rubles ($1,880) and the maximum is 880,000 rubles ($13,540) per year.

Specialist’s Degree

Students have to complete five years of study to obtain the specialist’s degree. It has more practical training than in a Bachelor degree.

The cost of earning a specialist’s degree reaches an average of 240,000-260,000 rubles ($3,690-4,000) per year.

The minimum cost is 122,5000 rubles ($1,880) and the maximum is 632,580 rubles ($9,730) per year.

Studying a specialist’s degree in a medical school in Russia could cost you around 290,000-320,000 rubles ($4,460-4,920) per year.

Masters Degree

The masters degree is awarded after two years of training. It offers a deeper knowledge on the selected discipline. You can apply for a masters degree if you have a bachelor or specialist’s degree.

The costs of a full-time masters degree program stand at 260,000-280,000 rubles ($4,000-4,300) per year. The minimum cost is 147,000 rubles ($2,260) and the maximum is 460,000 rubles ($7,000) per year.

PhD Degree

Studying for a PhD degree could take at least three years. Graduates with masters or specialist’s degree can apply for a postgraduate program, in case they were interested in research and teaching.

After their thesis defense, graduate students are awarded the degree of Candidate of Science (PhD).

The cost of studying a PhD degree in Russia ranges between 280,000-300,000 rubles ($4,300-4,615) per year. The minimum cost is 79,300 rubles ($ 1,220) and the maximum is 413,000 rubles ($6,350) per year.

Cost of Living for International Students


Types of available student accommodation in Russia differ. Each one has many benefits. The cost of accommodation in the student dormitories ranges between 500 and 5,000 rubles per month, while staying outside the campus could cost you around 15,000-20,000 rubles per month.


The cost of food differs according to the person’s needs and the location in which the student lives. In general, you can spend from $130 to $330 per month.


One journey in Moscow using the subway could cost around $1. Using the student discount, you can get a subway card in Moscow for $6 for one month. This cost could be much lower in other cities.

After discussing the cost of studying and living in Russia, stay tuned to our next article to complete our journey in Russia.

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