How to Enroll in a Russian University

Many students aspire to complete studies abroad after obtaining secondary or university degrees. Russia is one of the destinations that see an increasing flow of international students every year. In this article, we will discuss how to apply to a Russian university, along with admission criteria for international students.

Choose Program and University

In Russia, there are many study options in various fields. Students can choose between many options from mathematics to natural sciences to history and geography. There are around 741 universities all over 82 regions in Russia ready to receive the students.

Moreover, in Russian universities, you can study in any discipline to join the global market. You can study to earn a Bachelor’s, Specialist or Master’s degree, a doctorate or apply to a professional training or a career advancement program. Applicants only have to select the program that is best for them. After that, they should choose the subject, city, form of study, and teaching language to start the search process.

You can apply on the Study in Russia Website. It offers all the available study programs and related information, including study duration, costs, and others.

Learn about financing options and scholarships

To apply to a Russian university, you either finance your studies using your own fund or benefit from external funds from sponsor organizations or granters. The third option is to apply for government scholarships. 

Moreover, international students in Russia can apply to a Russian state university or a university with state-funded places. 

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Requirements and application to a Russian university

Next step is fill an application form with all your personal information, along with the study program and form of study of your choice. 

Here are the general documents necessary for admission in a Russian university for international students: 

  • Identity documents: both original and notarized translations in Russian
  • Your education certificate and school transcripts
  • A standard medical form indicating you do not have any condition that might prevent you from studying in Russia (along with HIV test results)
  • Do not forget to add a personal photograph, copy of the passport, and all the required documents.

Also, write your personal phone number and email so that they can contact you. After that, all the information in the application form will be validated.

Send Your Application and Wait for the Reply

After filling all the information, proceed to complete the submission process. Also, specify your choice for the universities and study programs to consider the tuition fees. Finally, send your application.

The universities will receive your application and will get back to you in three weeks. After that, the university will provide you with the instructions and pieces of advice to help you interact with the university.

Pass Competitive Selection Exams

If you want to apply to a Russian university and get a free scholarship in Russia, you will need to pass competitive exams in your country. For this purpose, after you send your application, contact the Russian Center for Science and Culture or the Russian embassy in your country to learn about the terms and conditions of passing these exams.

You will be registered on the participants’ list. After passing the exam, you will receive information about the next procedure.

Competitive selection in Russian universities comes in 3 forms: 

The Entrance Exams and Introductory Unified State Examination (EGE)

To apply to a Russian university, candidates usually submit the results of their EGE or pass admission tests. The EGE is the high school graduation exam in Russia, but international students can take the examination for their university application in Russia. The other option is undergoing admission tests that can be oral or written depending on the study subject. 

Academic Competitions

These competitions take place every year in Russia and abroad. The winners and higher place participants in these competitions can apply to Russian universities without examinations or admission tests needed. 


The last option for international students to get admission in a Russian university is through individual or joint tests. These take place in various countries, and the applicants who get the best results will benefit from preferential terms on their university application.

Get Study Visa in Russia

After enrolling in the selected university, following all the registration steps, submitting all the required documents, and getting the acceptance letter; there is one step left. The last step is getting your study visa to enter Russia.

Required Documents:

  1. Personal photograph
  2. Copy of valid passport
  3. Copies of earned certificates, translated into Russian
  4. Application form
  5. Identification documents, translated into Russian
  6. Medical insurance certificate

Most of the courses in Russian universities are in the Russian language. So, if you are planning to study in Russia, you will need to master the language first.

But, if you are not confident about your linguistic skills, some Russian universities offer preparatory courses for one year for international students. Their purpose is to help you reach the requested linguistic criterion rapidly.

As for those who have very limited knowledge in the Russian language, the option of studying your program in English is also available. Although this option is limited in the bachelor’s degree, it is more common in the master’s programs.

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