Student Accommodation in Russia

Russia is one of the countries that receive large numbers of students every year. This is because it has the best universities, in addition to its affordable cost of studying, compared to other countries.

The international students in Russia pass through several stages during their study journey. These stages include finding student accommodation in Russia.

Here are some accommodation options, together with their advantages.

Student Accommodation Options

Student Dormitory

All Russian governmental universities offer dormitories for international students. As soon as you got accepted to a governmental university, you secured a place to stay inside the university campus.

Check the top universities in Russia.

The student dormitory is one of the best accommodation options for international students.

Usually, these dormitories are located on campus or not far from the university. In most cases, two to four students share one room.

In a typical room, you will find a desk, chairs, closets, bookshelves, and beds. Student dormitories usually include shared kitchens, restaurants, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

The cost of the student dormitory varies according to the university and its fees. It starts from 500 to 5,000 rubles per month. This also differs according to the city where the dormitory is located. You can pay per month, in advance, or even per year, which may get you a discount.

Students living in the dormitories shall respect some rules. The most important of these rules is not to damage the furniture, keep the cleanliness of the room, and not make too much noise.

You are entitled to stay at a student dormitory if you are:

  • a full-time student enrolled in main educational programs (for the whole duration of a study program)
  • a part-time student enrolled in main educational programs (during the interim and final exams)

Make sure to ask about the following in advance:

  1. The location of the dormitory.
  2. The available rooms and facilities.
  3. The cost and payment method.

Important note: Remember that you can only get a place in the student dormitory through the university representative, and under specific conditions. Any offers by companies or agencies that claim they can offer you a place is a fraud.

Rental Apartment

In case the university you got accepted to has no dormitories, or they are not an accommodation option, renting an apartment is your best option. Although staying in an apartment is expensive, when compared to the student dormitories, you will enjoy comfort and many advantages.

You can choose between staying with a partner and sharing the expenses, or staying with a host family.

Moscow and Petersburg are the most expensive Russian cities, with regard to the cost of living. The smaller the cities are, the less the costs of accommodation and living are.

The cost of a room in Moscow, with all facilities, ranges between 15,000 and 20,000 rubles per month. In other cities, it may cost half of this price.

Some universities help their students by offering them accommodation with a host family or a room. So, contact the university representative for more information about the help they can offer.

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