Top 10 Russian Universities Ranking

Russia is an annual study destination for a lot of students. They visit it to complete university study and get a recognized degree. It offers them many opportunities, either to complete their studies or to get a job opportunity. Today, we will discuss the top 10 Russian universities for international students.

1- Moscow State University

Moscow State University is first on our list of the top best Russian universities. It was founded in 1755. It receives more than 7,000 students annually. Around 40,000 students study in the institute in numerous disciplines. 

The university includes several important faculties, such as journalism, chemistry, physics, biology, philosophy, law, and engineering. It also includes a number of institutes and scientific research centers.

Learn more at Moscow State University

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2- Saint Petersburg State University 

In the second place, Saint Petersburg State University comes. It was established in 1724. It is one of the oldest universities in Russia. Previously, it was a science academy, and then it became one of the most important universities in Russia. Nine of the university’s graduates are Nobel Prize winners.

The university focuses on all fields, such as natural sciences, informatics, humanities, environment, technology, economics, and others.

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3- Novosibirsk State University

Top 10 Universities in Russia

Novosibirsk State University is the biggest Russian educational scientific center. It includes 35 institutes for innovative research and technology. The university offers its students the opportunity to conduct researches while studying.

Furthermore, the main areas of research in the university include particle physics, photonics, and quantum optics, research of the arctic, cancer therapy innovation, Genomic Technologies, and more.

Find more information at Novosibirsk State University.

4- Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Established in 1951, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology is an institute specialized in physics and technology.

The objective of establishing this institute is graduating professionals in the fields of theoretical and applied physics, in addition to the applied mathematics and related disciplines.

Moreover, it has a number of Nobel Prize winners among its graduates. This is in addition to a number of scientists and prominent leaders in the field of economy and politics.

For more info, visit Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

5- Tomsk State University

The university is one of the best and oldest Russian universities. It was founded in 1878. Tomsk State University includes 21 faculties and institutes. About 15,000 students study at the university. Also, it hosts around 2,000 international students from 39 countries.

Additionally, the university’s faculties include journalism, foreign languages, physics, chemistry, biology, mechanics and mathematics, and philosophy.

Check more at Tomsk State University.

6- Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Universities in Russia

Bauman Moscow State Technical University is one of the leading universities in Russia. It was established in 1830. It includes 19 different departments for various fields. Around 19,000 students study in the university in different disciplines, such as electronic engineering, chemical sciences, and others.

To get more info, visit the website of Bauman Moscow State Technical University.

7- Moscow Engineering Physics Institute

The institute opened its doors in 1942 as the Moscow Mechanical Institute of Munitions. It has 21 satellite campuses in 20 cities all over Russia. It hosts 38,000 students.

Moreover, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute’s most prominent contributions include solving complex issues in high-priority fields. These issues range from nuclear energy to nanotechnology, medicine to ecology, IT to innovation management. 

Read more at Moscow Engineering Physics Institute.

8- National Research University – Higher School of Economics (HSE)

This is the newest university on the list. It was established in 1992. The university is famous for its research field in economics. This is not to mention that it is a leader in this field in Russia and the whole world.

Moreover, the disciplines available in the school include marketing, economics and management, international business, and others.

Learn more at National Research University – Higher School of Economics (HSE).

9- Moscow State Institute of International Relations 

In the ninth place, we find the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. It offers a number of study programs in different academic degrees in disciplines, such as international relations, law, economics, journalism, and others.

Check the website of Moscow State Institute of International Relations to know more.

10- Tomsk Polytechnic University

The university comes in the tenth place. It is one of the most important Russian universities in the field of research. It was founded in 1896.

Learn more at Tomsk Polytechnic University.

In fact, whatever the university you want to join, the enrollment procedures are unified in Russia.

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