10 Reasons to study in Russia

Like all other fields, the education system in Russia was well established. It is designed to produce world leaders in all fields. Russian universities are considered among the best study options abroad. It provides international students with the best qualifications and career prospects. So, for those still wondering if Russia is a good place for international students, we’ve compiled for you 10 reasons to study in Russia:

1- It hosts a few of the most prestigious universities

Studying in Russia opens you to the door of world-class universities and internationally-recognized educational opportunities. Russia has around 950 universities among which a higher number of them are now present in the rankings of the best universities in the world (QS University ranking, ARWU, THE ranking and so on)

Moreover, the UNESCO Institute for Statistics has qualified Russia among the six leading countries in student mobility. With the country’s participation in the Bologna Process and the adoption of the American standard system of academic departments by some universities, Russia continues to attract more and more international students.

These Russian universities are among the best in the world.

  • Moscow State University (Moscow)
  • St. Petersburg State University (St. Petersburg)
  • Southern Federal University (Rostov)
  • Siberian Federal University (Krasnoyarsk)
  • Far Eastern Federal University (Vladivostok)
  • Ural Federal University (Yekaterinburg)

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2- You can be fluent in the Russian language

It is mandatory to apply in most Russian universities to have proficiency in Russian language. But it can also be an opportunity for you to becoming fluent in a language that can open many doors in the future. In fact, Russian the 8th most spoken language in the world, with more than 300 million people speaking it worldwide. 

Moreover, Russian is following English in terms of academic resources and publications in areas like mathematics, geology, biology, chemistry and physics. Besides, you don’t need to learn Russian before you set foot in the country. It is actually better and advised to learn Russian once in Russia. 

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3- Many student friendly cities to settle in

The main centers of education in Russia are in the following cities: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Rostov, Saratov, and Kemerovo, to name a few. Any areas you decide to study in Russia, you will find numerous activities and cultural places to visit. 

Another fun fact about Russian cities is that they are very large: some provincial cities in Russia are bigger than most European student cities. Besides, there is no way you can get bored in any cities in the country. And that’s enough to make them one of the reasons to study abroad in Russia.

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4- The highest literacy rate in the world

One of the best reasons to study in Russia is that the country has one of the best mass-education systems in the world. It’s a country where the “Made in Russia” education is a seal of quality. And it’s proven by the very high literacy rate of 98%, surpassing most of other Western European countries. 

Admission in Russian universities is therefore highly competitive, and getting a Russian university degree is very well respected by employers worldwide. 

5- A very diversified higher education system 

In Russia, there is something for everyone in the higher education system. Not only study programs in universities and academies are diversified, it is also innovative. With almost 450 state-accredited universities, international students have the choice between more than 17,000 degree programs. 

Moreover, universities in Russia offer programs in every academic levels, whether it’s a bachelor, a master, a specialist or doctoral degrees in every possible subject. 

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6- A high number of foreign students 

Indeed, Russia is very popular among international student. More than 100,000 foreign students, which is around 12% of students at Russian universities, pursue their higher studies in Russia. It ranks among the top countries for international students. 

Moreover, Russian universities offer support to international students to help their start in Russia as easy as possible. An example is the preparatory courses to learn the Russian language, which some universities provide for free in the first semester. There are also the scholarships opportunities to finance your study in Russian universities. 

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7- The Ministry of education prioritizes research and innovation

The Ministry of Education and Science is the main regulatory authority that is responsible for education in Russia. This one is a great support to international students and this is one of the reasons to study in Russia. 

Moreover, university curriculum in Russia prioritizes innovation and research, that you will perform in state-of-the-art facilities. Depending on your field of study, you will work in high-tech classrooms and campuses. Research centers also encourage international collaboration, internships and personal development. So, if you are looking for a top-notch study experience, Russia may be the place you can get your wish fulfilled. 

8- A chance to study in English

For international students who don’t know any Russian or whose Russian is not good enough yet, there is the option to study in English. Russian universities offer more and more internationally oriented courses and degree programs in English. Most of them are available for students to earn the master’s degree level. 

9- The Russian culture and its diversity

Studying in Russia means you will study in a diverse country in the intersection of Europe and Asia. It’s a place where you will meet unique and interesting people with different culture and language to make your experience more rewarding. 

For the record, the Russian population is incredibly diversified. It has around 160 different ethnic groups and more than 100 different languages. 

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10- Lower cost of living and study fees 

Another one of the biggest reasons that draw international students to get the study trip in Russia is the low tuition fee. In fact, tuition fees are very reasonable in Russia. Some courses cost from $1,000 to $6,000 per year. Actually, the maximum annual tuition in high profile universities in Russia doesn’t exceed $6,100.  

On the matter of living cost, while $1,000 will not be enough to pay the rent and for living per month in most of the European countries, you can spend from $430 to $580 only per month in Russia. 

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