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Russia ranks among the first universities in the world, regarding the high-quality of education. So, it is not surprising that many students are willing to travel to Russia to study.

The latest researches indicate that more than 500 million people speak Russian, which puts it in third place among the widely-spoken language after Chinese and English.

The Russian language comes as one of the official working languages in many international organization.

Moreover, most of the scientific books were issued in Russian. Also, many university students study Russian as a third language. Despite the increase in the courses specialized in teaching the Russian language all over the world, still, the best and most popular way of learning is in Russia.

Best Way to Learn Russian

As we know, the best way to learn a language is by visiting the country speaking it.

Thanks to the direct and continuous communication with Russian speakers, you will be able to learn it normally and easily.

Currently, there are many foreign schools not only in Russia but also in the Soviet republics, such as Belarus and Ukraine.

However, it is still better to take Russian language lessons in Russia and join a Russian university to be able to learn the language well and explore it accurately and deeply. That is why the best way for the student to learn Russian is in Russia.

Courses Offered at Russian Universities

It is not a requirement to have previous knowledge in the language to study Russian, you can benefit from the study program available in English. You can also learn Russian by registering on the preparatory departments or the language courses for beginners.

As for international students, the educational course consists of two phases: phonetics and grammar.

Universities offer specialized courses to fulfill the needs of certain categories of students, according to their language proficiency.

Before starting your studies in the field you choose, you can join the preparatory studies to learn Russian. The duration of these studies is one year and they include 20 preparatory courses that take 36 hours weekly.

Preparatory Courses at Russian Universities

Russian universities offer the international students who wish to learn the Russian language preparatory lessons in the language.

They also offer them training options, according to their different educational levels. There are preparatory courses for university students, graduates, and postgraduate students in the academic fields.

It is important to put into consideration that the Russian educational standards are different from the international ones. Students can extend their study period in the preparatory departments to get used to the educational system in Russia.

As for the total duration, you can learn Russian in one academic year, which is the duration of the preparatory courses for international students in Russia.

For English-speaking students, the first lessons on general subjects could be conducted first in English and later in Russian.

Most of the Russian teachers assure that students can master Russian in one year. Concerning the cost, the preparatory courses are free only for the students who enroll under government scholarships.

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