Types of scholarships in Brazil in 2020

There’re many types of scholarships in Brazil. Although tuition and living costs are generally lower in Latin America compared to the rest of the Americas, the little additional funding can beneficial to many international students. Let’s check it out!

Generally, if you check the latest QS ranking for Latin American universities, you’d know that there are many leading universities to choose from across the region. Check our compilation of the top 10 universities in Brazil to learn more about it.

Types of scholarships in Brazil

Below you’d find a selection of current scholarships abroad, and funding opportunities offered for those wanting to study in Brazil or elsewhere in the Latin American region.

While some of these scholarships are from the government, others are by individual universities or external organizations for students at all levels of study. Among the scholarships available there are:

BRASA Brazil Initiation Scholarship

A scholarship of $1,500 dollar for students in the United States to do an exploratory research or language study in Brazil. Basically, an entire summer for your studies for free!

Such awards apply also in Canada and Brazil. These awards are given to promote cross-cultural research projects between Canadian universities and Brazilian partners.

Similarly, you can learn more by Click here.

BRASIL-Erasmus+ Mundus Project

This one offers international scholarships to European Union students to study in Brazil.

You can learn more about Erasmus+ for higher education in Brazil by clicking here.

TWAS Scholarships

This one provides fellowships for PhD and post-doctoral students to students from developing countries, to work abroad in Brazil, Mexico or other countries.

Similarly, click here to learn more.

College Scholarships

The Institute of Studies in Latin America and the Caribbean at the University of South Florida have a “full education” program where it offers a scholarship for qualified students to study in Brazil and other international sites.

The preference, however, is primarily to students in Latin studies. Qualified applicants must possess an advanced level of skills in the Spanish language.

Travel organizations scholarships

Basically, CIEE offers a range of Brazilian classroom programs and other summer programs. Let’s check out some of these Scholarships and financial aid!

Robert B. Bailey’s highly competitive scholarship

Granted to the most financially in-need students. The CIEE Global Access (GAIN) initiative was created to help students overcome major obstacles to studying abroad like costs, curriculum requirements ext.

Every year CIEE provides $1 million in grants to expand students access to full-year study abroad programs, classes, and summer study programs.

Similarly, you can learn more about it here.

John E. Bowman Scholarships

These grants are given to those who travel to unconventional destinations, including Brazil. All prizes worthy of $ 1,000 and are to help defray the costs of travel.

Not to mention, there are several other scholarships and grants that are available through public CIEE, being given to a wide range of students.

Similarly, you can learn more about it here!

Cusabio Scholarship

As a biotechnology company to manufacture bioreagents, CUSABIO is proud to call a new scholarship. With a total of $3,000 awarded to undergraduate, postgraduate students who specialize in biology, life sciences, or related disciplines.

Finally, the applications can be sent from worldwide not to mention, students have to be studying for their bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in colleges or universities.

Check last year winners and fill your application here.

GDPR Scholarship

This scholarship offers a free GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) course to 10 students, and this scholarship is an ideal opportunity for college and university students to improve their data safety skills.

Ready to sign up for this one? Click here!

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