How to get a student visa to Brazil: Requirements & Process

How to get a student visa to Brazil

Now that you know the top 10 universities to study in Brazil, here’s a special report for you on how to get a student visa in Brazil.

The student has to be enrolled in a school, or in recognized institutions like in technical studies, higher education, university programs, undergraduate or graduate studies approved by the Brazilian Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC).

Also, students on an exchange or scholarship program with Brazilian institutions, or internships with support from a Brazilian institution.

Who Need a student visa to Brazil

All foreign students coming to Brazil for a study must have a student visa. A student visa holder has to register with the Brazilian Immigration Authority (DPMAF) within 30 days of his arrival in Brazil.

Also, to provide a copy of the visa application form after receiving the visa. The form will be stamped and sent back from the consulate.

Required Documents

  • Passport, valid for a period of not less than 6 months, and has two blank pages. Also, Passport size photos.
  • Fee receipt, that indicates you have paid the tuition fee.
  • A copy of birth certificate.
  • Acceptance Letter: It must be from the university or institution, and it contains the duration of the program. The signature of the acceptance letter must be authenticated by the Notary (Tabeliao) in Brazil.

Proof of residence

It can be a lease, or an official letter stating that you are staying with a family or another person. Similarly, also attach a copy of the ID card or passport.

Background Verification

Students who are 18 years old and will be over 90 days in Brazil must submit a non-criminal registration certificate. This certificate usually comes from the FBI.

Financial resources or funds

It can be in the form of bank statements, or a certified mail showing that the candidate has enough financial resources or a letter of financial support from the family.

Proof of departure

a copy of the return ticket.

Visa application form

You have to write it and sign it and attach a copy to it.

Additional documents for university studies

  • A copy of the secondary school certificate, verified by the consulate.
  • Admission exam including the result & topics taken.
  • A registration letter from a Brazilian University, which confirms your acceptance to the course.

For postgraduate studies

  • A copy of the Bachelor’s diploma, verified by the consulate.
  • A letter from the Brazilian university, saying that you have been enrolled in postgraduate studies.

For internship

You will need to submit, an agreement or internship letter between the intern, the organization where the internship will occur and the Brazilian educational institution.

Application procedures

Firstly, let’s fill out the online visa application form at MRE-SCEDV (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Document Control System and Emageal System). That’s where you can find it.

The online application form is valid for 30 days. Generally, after this period deadline, the online form will not be valid, and you’d have to prepare a new application.

Steps to fill out the application

Firstly, let’s go through this list.

  • Choose the language of form/application.
  • Click on the Visa Request and read the instructions.
  • Fill out the application form.
  • Enter all the required details and send the form by clicking (Click).
  • Once sent, you’d receive your order number and receipt.
  • Print out the receipt of the visa application (Recibo de Entrega de Requirements.)
  • Attach one copy of it to the passport photo.
  • Sign the receipt, provide your email address and phone number for further instructions on payment.
  • Book an appointment at the nearest Brazilian embassy.
  • Submit the receipt, passport documents and payment receipt to the embassy in person.

Secondly, contact the nearest Brazilian embassy or consulate for more details on the documents.

Processing time

Student visa processing time may take longer basically depending on the place of residence. Howhever, the Brazilian visa is issued within 5 working days once approval is received.

Finally, should there be an approval from the Brazilian Ministry of External Relations, the processing time takes two weeks.


Generally, visa fees vary by nationality and payment is made at the consulate. Student visa typical validity is for one year.

An extension can be made after receiving verification from the university or college that candidate is continuing their studies resulting in success to the next level.

Finally, here’s our coverage to a student visa to Brazil is over. We’d recommend you check out students housing in Brazil next!

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