Working While Studying in UK

As you can see in our article The cost of studying and living in UK , where we compiled all the information related to tuition fees for British universities. Studying and living costs in UK are quite expensive.

To overcome this challenge many international students choose to work while studying in UK. Thus we have compiled for you all the available possibilities and also what you should avoid doing in UK.

As a matter of fact, there are hundreds of job offers and opportunities for international students in UK. As an international student, you can work up to twenty hours a week during your study period.

In addition, You can work in the UK only if your university is on a list of the various universities and institutions whose students can work alongside their study.

International students who study in a full-time degree program at a bachelor’s, master’s or PhD level might have a maximum of 20 working hours per week.

Also, they are allowed to have a full-time work during the holidays and summer for bachelor students.

If you are studying at a university that is not on the list of universities whose students are allowed to work, you will be deprived of this privilege and will not be allowed to as a student to work part-time.

Moreover, PhD students may work full-time during the period between the presentation of their thesis and their test, which is a holiday period.

However, some employers will not allow you to work full-time during this period. This depends on the employer’s policy.

What kind of work you are not allowed to do as a student

you can work while studying but there are also a few things that you avoid, like working as:

  • A self-employed person, and business activities.
  • A professional sportsperson including as a sports coach.
  • Full-time employee.
  • An intern in a job that has nothing to do with your field of study during your internship period.

During the period of employment, whether full-time or part-time, you will have to pay income taxes. The tax rate is determined depending on the amount you earn from that job.

What kind of work you can do

Part-time job in cafes or restaurants

If you have good communication skills and wish to provide services that meet all the demands, do not hesitate to apply as there are many jobs in this area that will help you in developing your communication capabilities with others in addition to providing sources of income to cover your tuition fees and expenses.

Working as a Customer Service Agent

Do you have the ability to handle customer requests in a professional manner? If so, there are many jobs that will inevitably improve your communication skills, develop your English level, and solve some study-related problems.

Part-time work in retail jobs

Indeed, there are many retail jobs and sales opportunities available to students. These jobs are good opportunities for you if you are able to provide high level of customer service support and enjoy a good sense of communication with people from multiple backgrounds every day.

Postgraduate work in UK

Some students wish to remain in the UK after completing their undergraduate studies to gain some experience. Those ones are required to apply for a work visa in the UK.

These are types of visas you can apply for:

  • Start-up Visa: This visa option applies to all students who want to develop a business in UK, however, the support and the endorsement of his/her university is mandatory. Moreover, this applies to all students graduating from any specialties.
  • Tier 2 Visa : This type of visa allows you to stay and work in UK after completing your studies. It is open to fresh graduates with a bachelor’s, master’s or PhD degree from a well-known university. Before applying, you must have a job offer from a licensed employer and get a minimum salary of £ 20,800.

After five years of work, the Tier-2 visa holders can apply for an unlimited visa to stay in the UK. This is only in case they meet the salary requirements of £ 35,000 and other relevant eligibility criteria.

  • Tier 4 visa: This visa includes students who have completed their PhD at a higher educational institution in the UK. These students will benefit from applying for a further 12 months after the completion date.

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