The 6 best Student Cities in UK

Britain is very famous for its higher education, which has the highest rank in the world. Also, it’s home to the world’s top-ranked universities. In September, thousands of students around the world begin their study courses at British universities. In this article, find out about the most popular student cities in the UK and their rank among the world’s cities.

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The ranking of the best student cities around the world is based on several indicators. Being that, they include internationally ranked universities. Moreover, they are characterized by student diversity and many other indicators.

Discover the most popular cities in Britain according to the categorization of the QS Top Universities Best Student Cities in the UK.

1. London, the most popular of the student cities in UK

London city, or as it is called the fog city, is one of the most preferred options for students to continue their studies. Although it is one of the most expensive British cities, it still attracts thousands of students from all over the world.

Not only in UK, but also at a wider scope, London has the third-ranking amongst the best student cities around the world. Besides the fact that this city has achieved the strongest rate in the universities index, since the city has 19 universities ranked amongst the best universities.

Furthermore, London has a very high student diversity index. This is clearly shown in the fact that more than 300 languages are spoken in the city, with a large proportion of students coming to universities in London from outside Britain.

The high tuition costs at London’s universities may be justified as the city is one of the world’s leading cultural and creative centers.

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The most important institutions of high education available in London are:

  • University College of London.
  • London Imperial College.
  • King’s College in London.
  • London School of Economics and Political Science.
  • Queen Mary, University of London.
  • Berry Quebec College, University of London…

2. Edinburgh, the Scottish capital

The Scottish capital -Edinburgh- is also one of the most popular destinations for students from around the world. Being that, it ranks 18th among the best student cities.

The city is also known for its cultural diversity and the availability of ancient castles and historic towns. In addition, they organize a high number of huge festivals annually, which makes it a favorite touristic destination for many visitors to Britain.

Basically, the cost of living and studying in this city is somewhat low compared to London. Moreover, Edinburgh has a high score in the student review index. This proves that students enjoy their experience in the city and often continue to live there after graduation.

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Some of the most important universities in Edinburgh are:

  • University of Edinburgh.
  • Heriot-Watt University.
  • Queen Margaret University.

3. Manchester, and her prestigious universities

Manchester city is located in the north of England. Also, it’s known for its music as it is the origin of famous bands, as well as the cultural and artistic diversity of the city.

For this reason, it is a good opportunity to discover the history of this city and its most important characteristics. Manchester ranks 23rd according to the ranking of best student cities in the world. It has even progressed in the ranking thanks to the satisfaction the students have from the level and quality of the offered programs.

Among the available universities in the city we find:

  • University of Manchester.
  • Manchester World University.
  • North Royal College of Music and Art.

4. Glasgow, the 4th attractive city for students

Glasgow is one of the British leading cities in the field of trade, culture, research, and advanced academic education. Additionally, it is also known for its musical heritage as well as the presence of important sports clubs.

Like most British cities, Glasgow has a high cultural diversity as many international students choose it. Being that, it is a great opportunity for students to meet others of different backgrounds and cultures.

The city ranks 34th on the best student cities in the world. Some of the most important universities in this Glasgow are:

  • University of Glasgow.
  • University of Glasgow Caledonian.

5. Coventry, the 39th best students city in the world

Coventry locates in the west of England and hosts more than 40% of students from different countries. For this reason, it acquires a high score in the student diversity index.

The city is also highly valued by its university graduates thanks to its high-quality universities and a long history of economics and design. Basically, the city ranks 39th amongst the best cities to study in the world. Its most important universities are:

  • University of Coventry.
  • University of Warwick.

6. Nottingham, the most geographically strategic of the student cities in UK

Based on the student living index, Nottingham has a high rate. Likewise, the city locates in central Britain and provides good transportation network, which makes it easy to reach London as well as the rest of Britain.

The city ranks 43rd and has the most prominent universities :

  • University of Nottingham.
  • Nottingham School of Economics.

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