Study dentistry in the UK for international students

Dentistry studies is one of the most competitive fields in the UK. This is not only because of the reputation of Study in the UK, but also due to the fact that dentists are among the most paid and employable medical professionals in England.

Entry requirements to dentistry universities in UK

Requirements to study dentistry in Britain vary depending on the university, and you can find the admission criteria on the website of each university. Follow us to learn the admission requirements for dentistry studies in Britain.

English language requirements

Indeed, English is one of the basics that the student should be well-aware of before starting the admission process to a British university.

For this reason, many dental schools in the UK prefer to have a passing score of 7.0 in the IELTS, with at least 6.5 per course.

Written test for dental education in UK

The written dental test differs from the admission test to study medicine in the UK. In this regard, most universities dedicated to dentistry studies in the UK use a range of written tests in different subjects, known as A-levels. These subjects mainly include chemistry and biology.

Meanwhile, other universities may use written tests in subjects called GCSE, which may include subjects far from the scientific field, including geography, history, art as well as linguistic sciences. On the other hand, some UK dental universities may require a UKCAT admission test to assess the candidate’s cognitive and critical thinking abilities.

For this reason, we highly recommend that you check carefully each university’s website before your online registration. Also, please read the Admission Requirements section and begin the preparation for the specific test.

International Baccalaureate requirements

The International Baccalaureate rate required in the dental studies in Britain is usually set to a minimum of 37 points. It may vary from year to year depending on the criteria set by each university.

Medical test

As in all medical specialties, that require direct communication with patients, candidates need to demonstrate evidence of vaccination against hepatitis B and non-infection of hepatitis B and C.

The 5 best universities to study dentistry in Britain

London King’s College

The King’s College London is one of the top 10 UK universities. Its dental study program includes three components:

  1. The first one includes biological, micro and general medical sciences.
  2. The second one includes biological sciences in relation to the diagnosis and treatment of dental-related diseases.
  3. Whereas the third one focuses on practical training with dental specialists and direct communication with diseases, besides working on how to cure them.

You can apply directly from here to study of dentistry at the London King’s College.

University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham aims to provide studentsinterested in studying dentistry in the UK with an integrated program of both theoryand practice. As it focuses on independent courses in living sciences, whichare intended to create students’ knowledge of all aspects of science, medicalengineering as well as repairing the damaged body tissues.

Study dentistry at the University of Birmingham

Queen’s Mary – University of London

One of the most striking things about Queen’s Mary – University of London is that it offers a wide variety of courses in the study of dentistry in the UK. This is very clear at several academic levels including undergraduate, postgraduate as well as doctoral degrees.

In addition to these courses, it offers a variety of short courses for dentists and nurses in order to introduce them to the latest developments in the field and how to deal with them.

Apply for dentistry studies at Queen’s Mary – University of London

University of Aberdeen

The University of Aberdeen is one of the most important study destinations for those who wish to study dentistry in the UK, because of the programs it provides in order to expand and enhance the knowledge of its students.

Furthermore, it focuses mainly on the training of professional graduates in their field. Accordingly, the University of Aberdeen accepts only 20 international students each year. The Bachelor of Dentistry course at this university lasts for 4 years.

If you choose to apply to study dentistry at the University of Aberdeen, visit this page.

University of Liverpool

What distinguishes the University of Liverpool is not only the high reputation of its graduates in terms of their CVs. But also the competence it guarantees to students through its outstanding programs.

Eventually, this makes it one of the best universities to study dentistry in the UK. Another key point is its intensive field courses.

In addition to that, the university offers short programs to students who intend to work in a less professional job. Namely, dental hygienists or dental therapists.

Link to apply for the study of dentistry at the University of Liverpool

How many years does it take to study dentistry in the UK?

To become a dentist in the UK, you must undergo 5 years of training to get your degree – 6 years if you need a foundation year training. Students will spend these 5 years learning practical skills and attending academic lectures and seminars. Programs focus on the cause, prevention, management and treatment of oral and dental diseases. Moreover, students should get through 1 to 2 years of supervised practice after the 5 training years.

How much does it cost to study dentistry in the UK?

All in all, the cost of studying dentistry in the UK varies generally between £18,000 and £40,650 per year, depending on the university and academic degree.

It is worth mentioning that the international student can benefit from many scholarships to study medicine in UK. They are usually granted by the government and private organizations.

Indeed, these scholarships aim to cover tuition fees for students in the medical field which enables them to continue their studies in the UK.

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