Customs, Culture and Traditions in Finland: How to adapt to it

Do you find yourself puzzled about adapting to the customs and culture of Finland and the Finnish society? Therefore, knowing the culture of the country where you would like to study (Wherever it is), is one of the key elements you have to know well before traveling.

There is no doubt that every custom and culture differs. So you have to familiarize yourself with Finland’s ones as this will help you to get closer, form a comprehensive idea, and overcome all obstacles associated with adapting to the Finnish society.

Consequently, we will talk in this article about the traditions, customs, and culture in Finland as well as its features.

Finland Location

Finland is located in Northern Europe. The population of Finland is more than five million people, which makes it the least populated European country.

Besides, the capital of Finland is Helsinki, which is the largest city in terms of population density.

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Official Language in Finland

The official language of the country is Finnish as well as Swedish, although the majority of the population speaks Finnish. But be aware that you can continue studying in English in Finland.

And even though business can be done in English, it is always helpful to learn a few of the basic Finnish phrases. Finnish people are appreciative when you show interest in their language.

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Culture and Customs in Finland

  • Finnish people are very modest; you will rarely find a Finnish person praising himself, as they always downplay their own accomplishments.
  • Finns are calm. It is not easy to speak with a stranger.
  • Finns believe there is a proper way to speak and act in any circumstance.
  • Interrupting is rude; listen to the speaker, wait for him, and then reply.
  • Also, giving someone a slap on the back is viewed as condescending in Finland, so you should avoid doing it.
  • Honesty and truthfulness are among the most important values ​​in Finland. Finns highly appreciate these values.
  • Fulfilling promises is very important in the Finnish society. For example, what someone says is accepted at face value and this is a culture where “a man’s word is his bond” and will be treated as seriously as a written contract, so verbal commitments are considered agreements.
  • Truthfulness and professionalism are highly appreciated in the Finnish Society.
  • Adherence to dates and arriving on time are very necessary, especially during a job interview. Therefore, make sure to come slightly early as late arrival would give a negative impression about you, and you may not get the job. For more details about working there, read how to find work in Finland while studying

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Etiquette and Customs in Finland

  • Behave with others in a good manner and talk in moderate tones.
  • You should shake hands while greeting. When meeting with a Finnish married couple, you have to shake the wife’s hand first.
  • Direct eye greeting is absolutely necessary and indicates the etiquette of the speaker.
  • While talking, you should always mean what you say and stick to it.
  • In case you are invited to dinner in a house in Finland, it is preferable to bring chocolate or roses, however, avoid bringing white or yellow roses because they are only presented at funerals.
  • You must always arrive on time. Moreover, it is not possible to enter a house in Finland without permission and even visits. It is necessary to inform the hostess in advance.
  • When you are invited in someone’s home, you should always take off your shoes in the corridor.
  • Eating in Finland is somewhat similar to most European countries. The two main meals are lunch and dinner.

Equality in the Finnish Society

  • Finnish society is basically established on the values ​​of equality, and their slogan is equality for all as a fundamental right.
  • Everyone gets his own opportunities for equality and justice; all Finns have the same rights and duties as well.
  • Equality in work between women and men.
  • For those who feel marginalized at work because of their gender, they can contact a gender equality representative or your labor union.

Sauna Tradition in Finland

  • One of the most important features of the Finns is the sauna, which is part of their culture. In addition, it aims to relax and clean the body, and they do it once a week.
  • Sauna’s experience may be shared by family and friends. Therefore, sauna is everywhere in Finland.

In general, it can be said that Finns are open and accept others despite their differences. On the other hand, Finland is one of the safest and most peaceful countries in the world.

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