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Among the most important disciplines in Ireland, for which many students come from all over the world, we find engineering studies, in addition to the fact that studying medicine in Ireland is very important and attracts many students. The field of engineering study, too, plays an important role in students ’decision to study in universities in Ireland.

Find out with us the most important majors available in Irish universities with regard to the study engineering specialty in Ireland:

National University of Ireland, Maynooth

Maynooth University offers more than ten programs of engineering studies, including:

Master of Engineering in Healthcare Technology

 Graduates will expand their engineering skills and technical knowledge by working in partnership with physicians specializing in health care and other medical experts. During the two-year study period, students will be provided with basics in the culture and ethics of the healthcare profession.

Bachelor’s degree in electronic engineering

Students in this program will learn various skills in order to design innovative systems. They will also gain the business skills necessary for success in the field of electronic industry. During the study period that extends to four years, students will deal with everything related to electronics, computers and communication engineering. That will be studied and learned both in lectures, lessons. Also while working in laboratories and working through the completion of specific projects.

Know more about National University of Maynooth.

Dublin City University

Dublin City University also provides various disciplines in the field of engineering, including:

Master in Biomedical Engineering

With the developments that the world is witnessing, a group of diseases has evolved with it, which necessitates the necessity of studying and finding solutions in order to combat it. The Master of Biomedical Engineering is one of these specializations that the student deals with during his four academic years with everything related to this field.

Find out more about the University of Dublin School of Biotechnology.

Master of Engineering in Communication Technologies

The Master of Engineering in Communication Technologies offers a range of courses in which the student acquires various skills, and the four-year course offers advanced-level courses in the theoretical field, analysis, design, and manufacture of telecommunications systems.

To the site of the School of Electronic Engineering of the University of Dublin.

Carlow Technology Foundation

The Carlow Institute of Technology offers several courses for engineering lovers:

Bachelor in Civil Engineering

Civil engineering deals with the built environment and includes many areas that modern civilization knows. During the study period, the student is expected to understand and discover ways to build buildings, bridges, etc., and the student trains on everything related to civil engineering through studying the road system, railways, subway systems, airports, water supply systems, and waste disposal …

Find out more about studying Civil Engineering at Carlow

Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is one of the most versatile disciplines in engineering disciplines, as it deals with the design and manufacture of everything from small individual parts to large systems like spacecraft tools and other complex equipment. The role of the mechanical engineer is to take the product from a simple idea and turn it into innovation. To succeed in this specialization, you must have specialized engineering knowledge along with creative thinking, problem-solving, teamwork and analytical skills.

Find out more about the Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering at Carlow Institute of Technology.

There are many other engineering-related disciplines that are provided by other institutions of higher education in Ireland.

You can choose other specialties according to your preferences, so follow this topic:

Majors available in Irish universities.

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