Top 7 Universities in Ireland

Ireland has a variety of outstanding higher education institutions, which helps the students significantly in choosing the discipline of interest. We previously highlighted this in an article about the higher education system in Ireland. Universities are among the higher education institutions that are available in Ireland. In light of this, we will present the best universities in Ireland for international students, along with their official website links.

The top universities in Ireland according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities are as the following:

Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin is Ireland’s highest-ranked university. It ranks the 151st among the best 200 universities around the world. Established in 1592, the college is the first and most ancient in Ireland. It receives more than 16,000 students every year.

The college has different academic programs and disciplines, such as economics, arts, English language, all types of engineering, chemistry, mathematics, history, in addition to other disciplines.  

The college consists of the following three faculties:

  1. Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
  2. Engineering, Mathematics, and Science 
  3. Health Sciences

Learn more about Trinity College Dublin

National University of Ireland, Galway

National University of Ireland Galway

The National University of Ireland, Galway, comes among the best 301-400 universities around the world. It is recognized for its leadership in the fields of teaching and research. Moreover, the university was established in 1845.

The university consists of the following five colleges:

  1. Arts and Social Sciences
  2. Engineering & Informatics
  3. Business, Public Policy, & Law
  4. Science
  5. Medicine, Nursing, & Health Sciences

Furthermore, the university includes a number of schools as well, including business and economics, chemistry, education, law, physics, mathematics, and psychology

Check the website of National University of Ireland, Galway for more information

University College Dublin

UC Dublin

The University College Dublin was established in 1854. It receives around 30,000 Irish and international students every year. Meanwhile, the college is one of the leading research institutions.

The university offers a wide range of disciplines for its students, such as engineering, science, health, history, arts, physics, and chemistry.

It consists of the following six colleges:

  1. Arts and Humanities
  2. Business
  3. Engineering and Architecture
  4. Health and Agricultural Sciences
  5. Science
  6. Social Sciences and Law

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University College Cork


University College Cork was established in 1845, receiving presently around 16,000 students per year. It offers a number of programs for bachelor degree students in the disciplines of marketing, health, mathematics, accounting and finance, management, biology, and history. Besides, it provides some postgraduate disciplines, including nursing, geography, chemistry, economics…

The university consists of the following four colleges:

  1. Science, Engineering and Food Science
  2. Medicine and Health
  3. Business and Law
  4. Arts, Celtic Studies & Social Sciences

Find more information about University College Cork

University of Limerick

Ireland Universities

Formerly, the University of Limerick was built in 1972 as the National Institute for Higher Education, and then it became a university in 1989. It consists of the following three faculties and one school:

  1. Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
  2. Education and Health Sciences
  3. Science and Engineering
  4. Kemmy Business School

Learn more about University of Limerick

Dublin City University

Dublin City University, Ireland

Dublin City University was open in 1980. Today, it receives around 16,000 students of different nationalities. It also offers more than 200 academic programs in different disciplines and fields.

The university consists of the following three faculties:

  1. Humanities and Social Sciences: it similarly consists of several schools, including Applied Language and Intercultural Studies, Communications, Law and Government, History and Geography…etc.
  2. Science and Health: it also has six schools, including Health, Chemical Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Nursing, and Physical Sciences.
  3. Engineering and Computing.

Moreover, the university includes a Business School and an Institute of Education.

Find more information on Dublin City University

Maynooth University

Ireland Universities

The university hosts around 8,500 students from nearly 50 countries around the world. It not only offers special educational opportunities, but also cares about the development of the students’ cultural level.

Furthermore, It has a number of affiliated colleges that offer academic programs in music, education, social sciences, law, business, accounting, digital media, science, and engineering…

Read about Maynooth University

Technological University of Dublin (TU Dublin) 

TU Dublin Ireland

The Technological University of Dublin was the first university of its kind in Ireland. A rather young institution, since it was established on January 1st, 2019, TU Dublin is a merger of 3 renown institutes: Dublin Institute of Technology, Institute of Technology Blanchardstown and Institute of Technology Tallaght. 

Moreover, TU Dublin has its campuses in the 3 most populated centers of greater Dublin. It hosts around 29,000 students who study in a practice and research-based environment, equipped with avant-garde facilities. Committed to using technology and innovation to solve the world’s most important challenges, TU Dublin offers programs in computer science, energy management, culinary innovation and food product development, digital marketing, finance, international business, etc.

Get more info on the university’s website

Now you have the ranking of Ireland top universities, learn how to apply to a university in Ireland as well as our list of the top cheapest universities in Ireland.

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