The cheapest universities in Ireland for international students

One of the main concerns students have while looking for a university abroad in order to continue their study is the study costs. It’s true that the cost of studying in Ireland is somewhat high, but compared to its neighbor Britain, it is significantly lower. Keep reading to know a list of the cheapest Irish universities that we have compiled for you.

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Dublin Business School

Dublin School of Economics is one of the cheapest Irish universities. It offers a multitude of courses for non-EU students at a fairly acceptable and low cost compared to other institutions of higher education in Ireland.

The school of Economics exists since 1975 as an independent institution. It is located in Dublin, one of the most important Irish cities to study in, and it also offers full-time and part-time program possibilities.

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Study programs available at Dublin School of Economics

Dublin School of Economics offers a variety of majors like:

  • Economy.
  • Law.
  • Marketing.
  • Information Technology.
  • Media studies.

Griffith College Dublin

Another college in Ireland’s most affordable universities’ list is the Griffith Dublin College, which is also located in Dublin. The college offers a variety of majors and university degrees for international students from various countries, and the programs it provides are also convenient in terms of cost.

Griffith College Dublin exists since 1974 as a private and independent institution. The following programs of study are available at Griffith College at low costs comparing to other institutions:

  • Engineering.
  • Medicine courses.
  • Arts.
  • Law.
  • Economic management.
  • Social science.

The National University of Ireland, Galway

One of the cheapest Irish universities is the National University of Ireland, Galway. This university offers numerous courses for students from the E.U in addition to the ones who do not belong to the European Union. You, as an international student, you are also among these students. And hence, you can benefit from a high-quality education at one of the most affordable universities in Ireland.

The National University of Ireland exists since 1845. It is a public university and is one of the largest universities in Ireland. This university offers a number of majors to students, such as:

  • Engineering.
  • Medicine.
  • Management and management sciences.
  • Economic management.
  • Social science.

University of Limerick

The University of Limerick ranks among the least expensive universities in Ireland because it offers affordable university studies.

The creation of this university was in 1972 as a public university. It provides cheap and affordable courses for international students, including those who are not from the European Union and come from all over the world. The university is located in the city of Limerick.

Moreover, this university offers numerous scholarships to international students during each academic year.

There are many programs available at the University of Limerick, such as:

  • Architecture.
  • Natural Sciences.
  • Medicine.
  • Economic management.
  • Engineering of all kinds.

Trinity College Dublin

This college is one of the cheapest universities in Ireland. Trinity College’s location is in Dublin and exists since 1592, thus it is one of the oldest universities in Ireland.

Trinity College is offering numerous courses and majors in addition to programs of study at low costs and at reasonable prices to students who are not from the European Union. The college also offers many undergraduate and postgraduate courses for international students.

Among the prominent study programs available at Dublin College there are:

  • Economics courses.
  • Marketing science.
  • Social sciences and humanities.
  • Arts.
  • Law and a set of legal sciences.
  • Medicine.

Cork Institute of Technology

Cork University of Technology is next in our list of the most affordable universities in Ireland. The institution’s origins date back to 1974 to support engineering and technology education in the country. The institute, then, hosts around 17,000 students with approximately 2000 new entries every year. 

Moreover, tuition fees at Cork Institute of Technology range between €3,500 and €12,000 per year. Also, the institution has 3 faculties where students learn business & humanities, engineering and science. Furthermore, despite being a technology-focused institution, the institute provides programs in art, accounting, economics, law as well as theater. 

Learn more on the website of Cork Institute of Technology 

Letterkenny Institute of Technology

The next institution of our list of the cheapest Irish universities is also a technology institute. Letterkenny Institute of Technology (LYIT) came into existence in 1971 in Donegal, Ireland. And like Cork Institute of Technology, Letterkenny has a distinctive purpose for its creation: to respond to the labor shortage of skilled technicians in the region. 

LYIT offers 130 programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in 4 schools: Business, Engineering, Science and Tourism. With tuition fees starting at €10,000 per year, the university also has a high international profile, with students coming from 31 countries worldwide. You can learn more on the Letterkenny Institute of Technology and the programs it offers on the institution’s website.

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