Discover the most important majors available in Irish universities

majors available in Irish universities

One of the most important steps for studying in a particular country is choosing an appropriate course of study in line with the student’s abilities. In previous articles, we talked about a group of steps that must be followed in order to study in Ireland, such as how to obtain a study visa and how to get student housing, today we will try to present you the different majors available in Irish universities

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To start, we will review some of the important majors available in Irish universities, as well as the degrees available in each major.

The best universities in Ireland

Trinity College Dublin

One of the most important majors available in Irish universities are the ones at Trinity College Dublin, and they vary through its three colleges:

  • Bachelor’s degree in economics: In this specialty, the student studies all principles as well as theories related to economics. A range of other subjects is also studied, such as law, mathematics, finance, calculations, and marketing.
  • A Bachelor’s degree in English studies: In this section, the student gets acquainted with the history of the English language, in addition to studying poetry, writing, American literature and other related subjects to the English language.
  • Bachelor’s degree in law: The study of Law is one of the most important, especially since there is a special college for it affiliated to the Trinity College of Dublin.
  • Bachelor’s degree in philosophy: The student deals in this section with the most complicated questions that require the necessity of thinking and analyzing in order to come up with various facts and theories.

For more information, visit the website of Trinity College Dublin.

Regarding the Master’s degree, here are the most popular majors at Trinity College Dublin:

  • Professional master’s degree in teaching.
  • Masters of Science majoring in Finance.
  • Masters of Science majoring in International Marketing.
  • Master’s degree in Psychology and Sanatoriums.
  • Master’s degree in economics as well as a Master’s degree in management.

Dublin University College

It offers over 70 undergraduate programs in various fields such as:

  • Agriculture and Nutrition.
  • Engineering, Design and Civilization Studies.
  • Law and Justice.
  • Health and Medicine.
  • Engineering and Technology.
  • In addition to Arts, Sciences and Social Sciences.

As for the most famous majors in this college regarding the Master’s degree, they are:

  • Master’s degree in public policy.
  • Masters’ degree in history.
  • Master’s degree in economic management.
  • Masters’ degree in electronic and energy engineering.
  • Master’s degree in environmental resource management.

Visit the website of the University College Dublin.

The National University of Ireland Galway

Offers a range of disciplines and from among the majors that this university enables to study, we mention:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in arts.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Commerce.
  • A Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering.
  • Bachelor’s degree in trade law.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Nursing.

With regards to the Master’s degree, we also mention:

  • Professional Masters in Education.
  • A Master of Science in Technical Biology.
  • Master of Science majoring in computer science.
  • Master of Science degree in biomedicine.
  • A Master of Human Rights.

Find out more about the University of Galway.

Cork University College

The Cork University College offers a different set of majors for the Bachelor’s degree in Navigation, Accounts, Marketing, Management, Economics, Arts among others as well as, disciplines related to the sciences, literature, music, food science, nursing and other various disciplines that cover several fields.

The University also offers a range of specializations in the Master’s degree and the most famous of these majors are:

  • A master of Management and Marketing.
  • The Master of Science in Information System.
  • Master of Science in Computer Science.
  • In addition to a Master’s of Science degree in financial studies.

Find out more about Cork University College

University of Limerick

The University of Limerick also offers many degrees through its three diverse colleges:

  •  The College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.
  • College of Education and Health Sciences.
  • College of Science and Engineering.

These colleges offer several majors such as a Bachelor’s degree in Arts, History, Geography, Linguistics, Medicine, Engineering of all kinds, and other majors.

Regarding the Master’s degree, among the most famous specializations at the University of Limerick, we also mention:

  • Master in Communication Technologies.
  • Master in Financial Services.
  • As well as a Master’s degree in international marketing.

Find out more about University of Limerick

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