Scholarships in UK for international students 2019-2020

Undoubtedly, studying in the UK represents the aspiration of every international student, especially as this country has a large group of the most prestigious universities. In addition, a quarter of the British universities are classified amongst the best ones worldwide.

On the other hand, studying in the UK is a bit expensive because of the high university fees. However, the experience of studying there worth paying. Additionally, you can pay for a scholarship to fund your university studies there.

Find out about the costs of studying and living in the UK.

As an illustration, in previous articles, we have discussed scholarships offered by the British government: Chevening scholarships, in addition to the types of scholarships in the UK. In this article, we will complete this topic and learn about other scholarships available in the UK.

Scholarships from governmental and non-governmental institutions:

Commonwealth Scholarships

This type of scholarship is for students from developing countries who wish to study in the UK with a master’s or PhD degree. These scholarships are awarded by the British Department for International Development.

Civil Society Leadership Awards

Fully funded scholarships for master’s students with outstanding academic qualifications. The scholarships are for students from developing countries;

International Atomic Energy Agency

Scholarships for students from different countries of the world studying in science-related disciplines.

Bursaries offered by British universities

Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford University

Scholarships for master and PhD students at Oxford University.

It supports exceptional young people for postgraduate study at the University of Oxford, and actively fosters lifelong learning and fellowship.

UWE Chancellor’s Scholarship

It’s a scholarship for master’s degree students at the University of East England.

Indeed, the University provides over £ 100,000 each year, paying scholarships for one academic year. Moreover, these scholarships are for all international students.

Smuts Cambridge Scholarship

Cambridge University offers scholarships for PhD students who pursue their studies in specialties such as humanities, social sciences, and arts. In general, all international students benefit from these scholarships.

International Ambassador Scholarship

scholarships for outstanding students who wish to act as ambassadors for the University of West London. They reach up to £ 5,000.

University of Cambridge MBA Scholarship

The Cambridge School of Economics offers scholarships for MBA students. Basically, the students benefiting from these scholarships are those who are qualified and outstanding in the field of business administration from all over the world.

Don McCarthy fully-funded Scholarship

The University of Glasgow Caledonian offers a scholarship to master’s degree students in designing and marketing at the University. Basically, the awarded students benefit from full funding of the study fees.

Warwick Chancellor’s International Scholarship

Scholarships offered for PhD students from all disciplines at Warwick University. The number of these scholarships is twenty-five fully funded scholarships.

Access Opportunity Scholarship at University College London

The University College London offers this scholarship to their students who have registered for a bachelor’s degree. The scholarship provides full funding of the study fees along with the amount of £ 10,750 per year

INTO International Foundation scholarship

Likewise, these are scholarships offered by the University of East Anglia, fully or partially funded.

As a matter of fact, the conditions for obtaining one of these scholarships vary from one university to another.

Moreover, each university sets its own conditions for students who will benefit from funding their university studies through these scholarships.

Generally, all universities agree that the students who willbe selected to benefit from the scholarships are outstanding students, eitherduring the high-school stage or during their university studies with abachelor’s or master’s degree.

Besides, there are other conditions, such as acquiring acertain score in the English language test, and other conditions imposed byuniversities to determine who deserves to benefit from these scholarships.

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