Study Master in Czech Republic

Why should you study master in Czech Republic?

In Czech Republic, there are two state institutions, 26 public institutions, and 44 private institutions for higher education. State institutions are specialized schools managed by the ministries of defense and interior.
These institutions offer masters certificates in a wide range of specialties, such as architecture; art history, sculpture, and theater; engineering; information technology; chemistry, physics, and physical sciences; business; social sciences; forestry; education; and others.

Many private institutions focus on specific fields of study, such as business. A lot of programs are currently being taught in English and other languages, besides the Czech language. This is in addition to the popularity of the Master of Business Administration (MBA). Most of the business administration master programs use the case study approach.

Academic Year in Czech universities

The individual institutions determine the starting dates, but mostly the academic year starts in October. Moreover, most of the institutions divide the year into two semesters: the winter and summer semesters of 20 weeks. Each semester includes a 15-week training period, 5 weeks of exams, and a vacation. Usually the vacation lasts for two months in July and August.

Do I need a Visa to Study Master in Czech Republic?

The answer is YES! All foreign students need long-term visas to study in Czech Republic. You may take from 3 to 4 months to get a student long-term visa. So, you have to plan accordingly.

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Where to apply for a master in the Czech Republic

Both public universities and private institutions in the Czech Republic have master programs. It takes between one and two years of study to complete and requires the students to have a bachelor’s degree to apply. 

Usually, to study for a master, you need a bachelor in a related field of the master program you want to earn. However, in some institutions, it might be possible for students to study whatever specialization they want, as long as they pass the relevant entrance exam to the program they apply to.

There are 26 public universities, 2 states universities and 34 private universities in the Czech Republic. Most of them have master’s degree programs that are free in public universities, as long as you study in the Czech language. Private universities on the other hand charge tuition fees for their master programs. Moreover, all master’s programs taught in English in the Czech Republic are tuition fee-paying.

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How much does it cost to study for a master in Czech Republic?

Study Master in Czech

According to the law, education is free for all nationalities in all higher-education public institutions in Czech Republic. There may be some fees, such as admission, extension of studies after the original date, additional studies other than the student’s original plan, and fees for studying in other languages.

If you chose to study in the Czech language, you will not have to pay any fees in public universities in Czech. If you were studying in a foreign language, you would have to pay tuition fees. The minimum in the public universities is 8,810 Koruna (around 352 Euros).

The private universities fees range between 40,000 and 300,000 Czech Koruna (1,576 to 11,244 Euros). These universities charge their own tuition and private fees, which usually range from $2,000 to $15,000 per year.

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Medical Insurance

As for international students, they are not entitled to public health insurance. They have to buy commercial health insurance that covers 30,000 Euro at least of care. The students residing for long periods are required to submit a proof of paying an insurance installment. In addition to health insurance, all major hospitals accept major credit cards or paying in cash for treatment.

After Graduation Jobs

The Czech Republic offers many job opportunities for all the students who finish their master degree, despite their nationalities. One-third of the company managers in the Czech Republic are foreigners. Although business is increasingly conducted in English, students who studied in the Czech language, or are good at it, will find an advantage in getting a job.


As a student in the Czech Republic, there are many student organizations that help international students. These organizations include Erasmus Student Network and the International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE).

As for the students who do not master the Czech language, the country offers many courses to help them. Although these courses require additional fees, scholarships cover some of them. Moreover, the Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies offers various courses for the students who are not good at the Czech language, including intensive and online courses.

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