Study Medicine and Dentistry in Czech

There are many prestigious faculties to study medicine and dentistry in the Czech Republic. The Czech universities grants internationally recognized certificates.

Why Study Medicine and Dentistry in Czech Republic?

The higher tuition fees and competitive admission requirements in other countries make the students, who dream to be doctors, checking the high-quality English programs offered by the Czech Republic. Prague is the land of one of the oldest universities in Europe. It offers medicine programs in English amid a cultural and historical environment.

General Medicine and Dentistry study in the Czech Republic

Most of the Czech medicine universities teach the following programs:

General medicine: it is a 6-year program. It grants a diploma degree in Medicinae Universal Doctor (MUDr), which is equivalent to Doctor of Medicine.

Dentistry: it is a 5-year program. It grants a diploma degree in Medicinae Dentium Doctor (MDDr), which is to Doctor of Dentistry.

The graduates of the medicine and dentistry programs can start working as doctors or resume their specialization in the country.

Moreover, the universities offer a 5-year pharmacy program in English, in addition to other programs in the Czech language. They offer other programs as well, such as the bachelor’s degree in nursing and master’s in optometry, which are also in English.

Academic Year and Admission Requirements

The academic year consists of two semesters, each one ends with an exam. The winter semester starts by the end of September and lasts for 15 weeks. The semester is suspended during the new year holidays, which are followed by a 4-week exam period.

The summer semester lasts for 15 weeks and ends by exams and summer vacation.
Starting from the second year, the universities include summer training in the curricula of the clinical departments.

Entrance Examination and Registration

To start studying medicine in Czech, you need to complete secondary education (with a good grade in biology, chemistry, and physics). Moreover, students have to master the English language, which they can prove through a Skype conversation. The entrance examination is mostly followed by an interview, but not in all the universities.

For more info, check our article how to apply to a Czech university.

The examination consists of multiple-choice questions in biology, chemistry, and physics. The examination’s level is the General Certificate of Education (GCE) Advanced Level (GCE A ’Level). The participants are provided with detailed materials to prepare for the exam.

Registration date: the deadline for submitting the requirements differs according to each faculty. The earliest is in May. Most of the faculties require submitting the application via the internet, then sending the paper copies after getting prior approval on paying the fees of file processing.

Cost of studying medicine and dentistry in the Czech Republic

The annual tuition fees of the general medicine diploma reach CZK 360,000, and it costs the same per the academic year for the dentistry diploma as well.

Moreover, you will need to pay the fees fully in advance, before the beginning of the year.

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Leading Medical Universities in Czech Republic

Here are some of the best universities in Czech Republic where you can study medicine. 

Charles University

What Charles University has that no other university in the Czech Republic neither in Europe has, is that the institution has 5 faculties of medicine. Three of these faculties are in Prague, while the two others are in Pilsen and in Hradec Kralove. Each faculty is an independent institution while of equal standing, each having its own medical facilities. 

The other reason why Charles University is the leading university in the field of medicine in the country is that each faculty offers programs in English, where international students can earn comparable degrees, no matter which institution they go to study in. Moreover, the difference between the 5 is their approach to teaching method, while each institution has specific entry requirements and entry exams. 

For more info, check the website of the Charles University

Masaryk University in Brno

Masaryk University is another name to remember when it comes to medical studies in the Czech Republic. The institution also open its door to international students, offering medical degree programs in English. 

Moreover, Masaryk University is also part of the Erasmus program, one of the reasons why the institution attracts more than a thousand of students from abroad each year. As for medical studies, the university has more than 150 medical projects carried out every year. 

For more details about the admission and the medicine study at Masaryk, check their website.

Palacký University in Olomouc

The third option if you want to study medicine and dentistry in the Czech Republic is the Palacký University, an institution which also offers English-taught programs to international students. Moreover, it has become in the last years one of the fastest-growing institutions of its kind.

Medical studies at Palacký starts very traditionally with anatomy, physiology and biochemistry. Then students will undertake preclinical studies then clinical specialized programs alongside teaching in public health care.  

To get more details, visit the university’s website.

University of Ostrava

The University of Ostrava’s medical faculty is still a young institution, since it opened its door in 2010. The institution offers in addition to General Medicine a Physiotherapy degree program in English, hosting around 1,700 students with over 400 of them graduating each year. Ostrava offers its graduate medical studies that are conformed to the EU higher education and training standards for health care.

Learn more on the website of the University of Ostrava

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Czech Republic dentistry universities

For dentistry studies, all medical universities in the Czech Republic offer dentistry specialization, where you pursue a 5-year program to get your dentistry degree instead of 6 for a medical degree. 

Dentistry study at Masaryk University in Brno

Dentistry program at Masaryk University is provided in English. On the 5 years study, the first 2 years consist of Preclinical dentistry, prosthetic technology, gnathology and preventive dentistry along with theoretical courses related to general medicine. An examination in the third trimester finishes up the preclinical phase of the study.

Then specialized instruction in dentistry starts from the 5th semester to the 10th semester, followed by a pre-graduation practical training of 15 weeks. To get admission, you should undergo multiple choice tests in Chemistry, Physics and Biology. 

Master in Dentistry at Charles University

At Charles University’s First Faculty

The faculty’s dentistry program provides students with practical and theoretical knowledge and skills for independent work in the field of Dentistry and for earning certification in particular specializations in Dentistry and/or Orthodontics. 

At the faculty in Pilsen

Graduates will be equipped with knowledge in the fields of clinical dental practice, including preservation dentistry, oral surgery, prosthetic surgery, children’s dental care, periodontics and diseases affecting the oral mucosa. They also will have everything that is needed for any follow-up specialization studies. 

At the faculty in Hradec Králové

The graduating dentist will have broad academic dental education and all is needed to provide proper clinical dental care. Moreover, they will get extensive theoretical knowledge and practical skills in their field of study. 

Dentistry study at Palacký University Olomouc

The 5-year program uses the ECTS system, allowing students to undertake their studies abroad at Palacký’s partner universities in Europe. The teaching method is therefore traditional, the same way teaching is given in most medical schools in Central Europe.

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