Study and Work in Czech

Study and Work in Czech

Is it possible to combine study and work in Czech? As a student coming to study in Czech, it is possible to get a scholarship from those offered by the Czech universities. On the other hand, it is impossible to live only on this budget and you have to search for a job to cover your studies and living expenses.

Where to Search for a Job

There are many ways to search for a job. You may mostly benefit from the website of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic.

Learn more at the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

Work Permit in Czech

The foreign students are required to get a work permit. They have to submit it in person or through another person along with a written attorney in any regional office in the public employment service. The administrative fees of the permit reach about 500 Czech Koruna.

What Are the Requirements to Get a Permit?

To get a work permit, the student has to submit the following:

  • Personal identification data
  • Number of the travel document, together with the name of the authority that issued it
  • Identification data of the employer and the working hours
  • A photocopy of the travel document
  • A statement of the employer that he/she will employ the foreign employee
  • An authenticated copy of a professional certificate that proves the professional ability of the foreign employee to work in Czech (professional certificate, high school certificate, completion of higher education certificate, etc)

Notes: If there were any other documents required, as per the work nature, or determined under an international agreement and agreed upon by the parliament, the attachments should be written in English in their original and authenticated copies and translated in Czech language.
The professional certificates should be authenticated (or to be submitted together with the apostille certificate when needed).

Work Permit Validity Period

The permit is issued with a validity period of maximum two years (a foreigner can repeatedly apply for a work permit).
Six months in case of seasonal employment
The permit is only valid to work for the employer mentioned therein. In case of work change, the student shall apply for a new work permit in the regional office of the public employment service.

Your Work Plan

What is your man objective for work? If you want to gain money, you have to find a job that pays well, on condition that the working hours should be flexible or should it be a part-time job.


  1. One option is the short-term full-time job during the summer vacation. If you really have the required skills and experience, you may be able to work as a freelancer, such as a research assistant or a graphic designer.
  2. If you wanted a less stressful work, you might search for a job inside the university campus (especially the office manager’s position). This will be more suitable for you, as you will save yourself from the trouble and expenses of transport. You may also feel safer while working inside the university campus.
    The Czech universities encourage their students to work in part-time jobs inside and outside the university campuses. Their objective is to achieve the balance between the student’s work, study, and life.
  3. As for the students who prefer working on the weekends and focusing on studying on the other days, they can find a job in a cafe or a retail store. They also can work in the seasonal occasions or festivals. This might be less profitable than an office job, but such jobs have other benefits, such as employees’ discounts. These jobs are more suitable for the sociable student. They are a good chance to make new friends or know more about the culture of your new country.
  4. There are other types of temporary jobs during vacations, such as seasonal fruit picking, or working in a farm. This kind of jobs might be physically exhausting, but it is a great way to see different parts of the country.
  5. If your main goal was to communicate in the field of your business, meet people, and enhance your resume, check the internships. They could give you great experience and practical training, although you might not get any payment.

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