Types of Scholarships in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has become in the last decades a top-notch destination for higher education. With a long-standing reputation, Czech universities nowadays host over 50,000 international students and with degree programs in foreign languages increasing in number. Better yet, students who want to avail themselves the chance of a lifetime to study for free in the Czech Republic can benefit from some scholarships. 

These scholarships are one way to help students fund their studies. In addition, the study cost and living cost for students in the Czech Republic is affordable in comparison to other European countries. Here’s an overview of these scholarships in Czech Republic and how to benefit from them as an international student.

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Are there Scholarships in Czech Republic for international students?

If the student decides to study in the Czech language, there will be a chance to get any scholarships offered by teaching staff. They get the same benefits, just like their fellow Czech students.

Based on the teaching staff rules, and as amended by article 91 of law no 111 of 1998 regarding the higher education, the scholarship could be one of the following:

Scholarship for Students Engaged in Non-Traditional Programs

These are scholarships for:

  • Research, development, and creative activities.
  • The outstanding students in the scientific, research, development, artistic, and other innovative subjects that contribute to promoting knowledge.
  • The students with difficult social circumstances (the social scholarships, in addition to the scholarship to finance the costs of living and the like).

It is possible to offer scholarships and grants for students who study in a foreign language. This is on the condition that the students study full time.

Scholarships Within the Foreign Development Aid Program

The Czech government offers the students from the developing countries scholarships as a part of the foreign development aids. These scholarships support the study of such students in the higher education public institutions in the Czech Republic. Moreover, these scholarships cover the regular study period for:

  • The students who are willing to study bachelor, master, or PhD programs.
  • Students who attend a one-year preparatory course in the Czech language, and other field training.
  • Normally, the applicants have to take an admission exam in the relevant higher education institution. This is a part of the enrollment process in a Czech university and a condition to get a scholarship.
  • The students who want to pursue their own study programs, Master or PhD programs, with English instructions.

Students can submit the scholarships applications only through the online application form.

Scholarships Under International Bilateral or Multilateral Agreements

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic offer scholarships annually (for study and research). These scholarships are for foreign students according to many international or bilateral agreements.

Applicants are nominated for this scholarship by the competent authority in the relevant country, where they can submit scholarship applications.

These kinds of scholarships are for the university, graduate, and PhD students. Moreover, in some cases, candidates could be researchers or university professors.

Study or research in the public higher education institutions in the Czech Republic last from 2 to 10 months. It depends on the agreement signed between the Czech government and the foreign one.

Often, scholarship holders are accepted for the research visits, as these do not lead to a degree. Moreover, they do not have to take an admission exam.

In such cases, applicants should contact the chosen university directly and request an invitation letter from the relevant department. This is nonobligatory, but strongly recommended.

Scholarship for masters in Czech Republic: the Erasmus+ Program

For international students from all over the world who want to pursue a master-level study abroad in the Czech Republic, the Erasmus+ program has two options to check out. Both scholarships are available for students worldwide, and they are granted for a duration of 12 to 24 months. 

First, the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees program is a full degree scholarship allowing students to earn a master’s degree in one of the Czech universities listed here. Check the list to find out if your university is a partner university. You can then apply for the scholarship to fund your masters study.  

The other option is the Erasmus+ Master Degree loans. It helps international students fund their masters in an Erasmus+ program country. The agency in charge of the program for the Czech Republic is DZS.

Study in Czech Language

The Czech language is not necessary in case of research and study programs that are in other languages. But it is recommended.

The students who do not have sufficient knowledge in the Czech language have to be fluent in English or at least be familiar with French or German. The Czech language is a requirement in case of studying a regular study program given in the Czech language in one of the Czech universities.

Application requirements to get a scholarship in the Czech Republic vary. Typically, the foreign authorities (the government agencies in the eligible countries or the Czech embassies in such countries) send them to the Czech ministry by March 31.

Applicants should contact the relevant national authorities (usually the ministries of education) in due time.

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