How to Get a Student Accommodation in Czech

There are many options and ways to get a student accommodation in Czech. Some universities offer student dormitories, or you can get your own accommodation in a private apartment. Costs depend on the accommodation’s location and quality. The available accommodations include:

Student Dormitory in Czech

Most of the Czech universities offer the students shared bedroom accommodation. Single bedrooms are rare, so it is common to share your bedroom with a roommate. Normally, the accommodation is a two twin-bedrooms apartment, with a small kitchen and bathroom. Rooms are often furnished with all the basic furniture, such as bed, desk, chair, and shelves. Also, the kitchen is equipped with the main appliances, such as a fridge and oven. As for the furnishings and other amenities like curtains, carpets, blankets, cleaning tools, plates, boilers, etc, these are up to the student.

How to Book:

You can find information about this type of accommodation either on the universities’ websites or through contacting the public relations department. Students can book themselves or they will be provided by additional information by the university’s program coordinator.

Prices vary, but the average monthly fees reach around 120 Euros monthly in a shared room. Living in a student dormitory is a great way to get to know other people and share experiences, as you will meet many students from different backgrounds.

Private Accommodation

Foreign students can find their own accommodation, it is often a room in a shared apartment or an apartment. It is common for the foreign students to share bigger apartments in the center of the city. After you settle, this might be a perfect choice for you. The advantage of this type is that you can choose your apartment-mates and the area where you will live in.

Prices depend on the apartment’s size, location, and appliances. Rental cost stands from 500 to 800 Euros monthly for a two-bedrooms or three-bedrooms apartment. The cost of a room reaches 250 Euros monthly. Also, be ready to pay a deposit. This will be refunded, on condition that the apartment is in a good state.
You can find private rooms or apartments from the newspaper ads, websites, or real estate agencies. Do not forget to check the billboards in the university building as well.

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Advice to Get Student Accommodation in Czech

As an international student studying in a new country, the best choice is the university dormitory.
If there was a decent accommodation on the university campus, this will save you searching for accommodation. You may also want to know if there was a special accommodation for the postgraduate students. If you were a master or PhD student, you would benefit from the environment of the dormitory.

Shared Apartments

You have to know in advance the rental range in your city, by asking your friends or at the university. Please note that it is impossible for accommodation to meet all your expectations, but be sure that it will address your basic needs. After all, you have to spend considerable time in this space that will be considered as your alternative home.

Internet Usage

Check the student accommodation forums in the country where you study to know the best local websites to search for student accommodation. It is good too to join the Facebook groups in your college, as it is also a good place to ask about a shared accommodation.
There is another way to help you find an accommodation, which is using Google’s Walk Around tool to choose the place or street you want to live in. After getting some advice about the places that suit your budget, you can use this tool to know if you really want to live there or not.

Real Estate Agencies

Real estate agencies are among the easiest means to find accommodation, but it will cost you money.

Of course, choosing a student accommodation in Czech comes after you get your acceptance to join a university.

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