Czech Republic

The ultimate guide to immigration and studies in Czech Republic

Study Medicine and Dentistry in Czech

Study Medicine and Dentistry in Czech

There are many prestigious faculties to study medicine and dentistry in the Czech Republic. The Czech universities grants internationally recognized certificates. Why Study Medicine and Dentistry in Czech Republic? The higher tuition fees and competitive admission requirements in other countries make the students, who dream to be doctors, checking the …

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Study Master in Czech Republic

Study Master in Czech

Why should you study master in Czech Republic? In Czech Republic, there are two state institutions, 26 public institutions, and 44 private institutions for higher education. State institutions are specialized schools managed by the ministries of defense and interior.These institutions offer masters certificates in a wide range of specialties, such …

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How to Study in Czech Republic in English?

Study in Czech in English

Students who want to study in Czech Republic in English have many options. The Czech Republic has a number of schools that offer higher education programs (public and private) in English. Studying in Czech is considered a perfect starting point to explore the rest of Europe. You can also learn …

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Study and Work in Czech Republic

Stusy and Work in Czech

Is it possible to combine study and work in Czech Republic? As a student coming to study in Czech, it is possible to get a scholarship from those offered by the Czech universities. On the other hand, it is impossible to live only on this budget, and you have to …

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Types of Scholarships in Czech Republic

Types of Scholarships in Czech

The Czech Republic has become in the last decades a top-notch destination for higher education. With a long-standing reputation, Czech universities nowadays host over 50,000 international students and with degree programs in foreign languages increasing in number. Better yet, students who want to avail themselves the chance of a lifetime …

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How to Get a Student Accommodation in Czech Republic

Student Accommodation in Czech

There are many options and ways to get a student accommodation in the Czech Republic. Some universities offer student dormitories, or you can get your own accommodation in a private apartment. Costs depend on the accommodation’s location and quality. The available accommodations include: Student Dormitory in Czech Republic Most of …

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Cost of Study and Living Cost in Czech

Cost of Studying and living in Czech

Compared to many other European countries, the cost of study and of living in Czech is lower in general. The average cost of living ranges between $350 and $750 per month for food, accommodation, and public transport. Prices may vary according to your location, accommodation options, lifestyle, and spending habits. …

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